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is tigray being held hostage by the tplf?

Postby Sadacha Macca » 31 Dec 2017, 12:06

''Certainly, in the early years of the 21st century, the TPLF appeared increasingly besieged, with a mentality to match, at the heart of the Ethiopian polity; for that reason, too, many Tigrayans rejected the movement, for they saw it as ultimately jeopardizing Tigray itself, and exposing it to some violent future backlash, as had befallen the Amhara in the 1980s. It was increasingly common to hear mutterings that Tigray was in effect being 'held hostage' by the TPLF..''

[Frontiers of Violence in North-East Africa: Genealogies of Conflict Since C.1800
By Richard J. Reid, Page 216]

Re: is tigray being held hostage by the tplf?

Postby Degnet » 31 Dec 2017, 12:44

It is simply ture,look at our previous history and where we are now,we had once a sense of nationhooh,what do we have now,Halafi mengedi/halafi leflafi.

Re: is tigray being held hostage by the tplf?

Postby present » 31 Dec 2017, 15:54

These Tigray guys in this video explained how tplf Adwa ascari has been trying to teach the people that Amara or the Ethiopians in general are enemy of tigray people. Basically, they tried to make the agames' mind like the ascaris' mind. They have been working on that for so long but they have not found the result.

I only met one tigray in the past who said he does not care if tigray secedes. all agame believe they are that to ascaris, all ascaris are ascaris. You are not going to find a single ascari who does not hate Ethiopians! Period.

I have been around enough!

All the killings that was done to agames in the past including hawzen is by ascaris. There is not even a single agame leader like hayelom that killed agames. All the killing from the 70's upto now are done by ascaris. The agames are victims as well. But I support Facebook warrior who pressure the agames!!

phpBB [video]

Re: is tigray being held hostage by the tplf?

Postby Sadacha Macca » 31 Dec 2017, 21:39

I disagree present. Eritrea was the enemy when it fought for TPLF, but it isn't anymore.
Yes some tplf members are mixed with Eritrean, but the majority of tplf is tigrayan.
The issue is, they, tigrayans aren't vocal enough.
So other Ethiopians have a right or reason to suspect them.
I'm sure some tigrayans don't support tplf, as this quote says, but aren't loud enough. They need to make their voice heard or risk losing any future relationships with Ethiopians.
Halafifi can say they don't need Ethiopia but everytime Eritrea scares them they wamna wave the Ethiopian flag and cry for help. And as I said before, if the oromara, gurages and others, hear Ethiopia is in danger, they react like lions.

Re: is tigray being held hostage by the tplf?

Postby Fed_Up » 31 Dec 2017, 22:17

መጥረጊያ መወልወልያ ሻጭ አጋመው present aka puzziez

You are losing rhe cover kkkkkkkkkkk . Yet you once again “rejected “ by another Ethiopians kkkkk. Remember all Ethiopians are not stupid like Agames. They know their real enemies. Stop sweating.

ወራዳ ኣጋመ:: ፈሳም .. የምን መሸሽ ነው ተጋፈጥ እንጂ አጋመው ቅቅቅቅ

When things getting tougher to your Agame behind, you b!tches after 26 years , at 11th hours dampened all the Agame Tplfists as Eritreans kkkkkkkkkk

የሆንክ መጥረጊያ መወልወያ ፊት:: ቅቅቅቅ

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