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Turning Ethiopia into Spain, the long process

Postby Portlandia » 29 Dec 2017, 22:28

The more divided the people of Ethiopia are, its easier to destabilize the country effectively removing the populace from political matters because they will be too busy bickering with each other. This is how the great Spain has been lagging behind and catalonia wants its independence. If TPLF is to survive the new age it must be hated and isolated by Ethiopians. The reason the ruling government must be hated is so that external powers do not see tplf as a threat. We are getting ready to launch the Gurege nationalist movement, their flag has a flower with yellow stripes in the background. The Agew movement is also in the works. Basically every tribe that speaks their own language will be able to gain a kilil. The Amhara and Oromo will not like this but who cares what they think.



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