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Re: Tigray Expansion is real

Postby Sadacha Macca » 29 Dec 2017, 22:12

So? anyone can make a fb, twitter, or anything, and claim to be something they're not?
that doesn't prove anything son. please try harder next time. that's kid logic.
and you aint muslim son. no muslim would care about what another man does with his d1ck.
NO, you/mred, has never spoken in Afaan Oromo, and even if he did, that doesn't make him oromo.
many, many, non-oromos, speak our language, the same way a lot of non-somalis speak the somali language.
anyone can speak multiple languages, if you're willing to learn them.
my dad spoke like 5-6: arabic, somali, afaan oromo, amharic and english and Swahili.

You saying you're a man of your word, doesn't make it true son.
It's the internet. You could sit here and say anything, but that doesn't mean it's true or that we should believe you.

all of the religious stuff you posted is basic information dude. that can be googled in like 5 minutes or less/copy and pasted.

btw- i like how you ignored what i said about sex. you know i exposed you.
no muslim cares what another muslim or man does with his d1ck.
in Islam, it's an honor and a good thing, for a man/woman, to fear Allah and wait until marriage.
but to an atheist or liar, liek you, having sex with everything that moves, is a good thing, hence the reason u mocked people for not doing so...

:lol: :lol:

keep exposing yourself agamesion.

:lol: :lol:

Re: Tigray Expansion is real

Postby Khysion » 29 Dec 2017, 22:27

Sadacha Macca: Say I am not a Muslim. I dare you! I follow the 5 pillars correctly and yes I do fear Allah. I was joking about virginity because Mred is obsessed. Listen, so you're telling me this one guy with multiple accounts knows how to speak in multiple languages? Mred/Ethoash who are same people not only insulted Somalis and wished genocide on Tigrays and listen I don't wish genocide on Somali enemies but he also insulted our religion and Allah, you think I'm that disgusting enough to do? Wallahi I am Muslim and I would never dare to insult my lord, I rather die than to insult my creator.

Dude you're lying and contradicting yourself at the same time. This is how Mred looks like and I look nothing like him.


Don't you ever doubt my faith with Allah you disgusting piece of sh*t! Wallahi now you're starting to p*ss me off! Yes, I despise Mred/Ethoash but someone denying my faith is next level and I don't care if you insult the Somali people but soon as you disrespect and deny my faith with Allah which is the most important thing I ever have then you have a serious problem with me and religiously it is forbidden for you to deny some else's belief with Allah.

Like I said. I'm a man with my own words and I'm Somali and a Muslim who comes from Dire Dawa and who hails from a noble major Somali tribe called Dir and this is my only accounts. Other Gallas and Agame accounts has nothing to do with me and in the name of Allah I share no accounts with them. Now I want you to deny my faith and promise to Allah that I am them, I dare you! :x

Re: Tigray Expansion is real

Postby Sadacha Macca » 29 Dec 2017, 22:42

You are NOT MUSLIM OR SOMALI, yes I said it! Now what?
You were NOT joking, otherwise, you wouldn't have repeated it over and over.
you repeated it, in your attempt to discredit me, or insult me, and you failed.
my wife is all i need, and if you are a true muslim, you wouldn't have joked or cared.
zina/adultery is nothing to joke about.
you are mred. you type the same. you have the same goals. you act the same, on the net.
i never saw mred speak anything besides english and amharic.
and even if he spoke afaan oromo, it doesn't make him oromo, anymore than it would make me chinese if i learned their language?!
mred insults somalis to make them hate oromos. he is agame. not oromo.
the only person here who believes he's oromo is YOU.
you both have this agenda to demonize the oromos. to make them hated.
you are on the internet bro. you can claim anything. doesn't mean it's true.

how do we know you don't look like him? even if u post another picture, how do we know it's you indeed? and not some fake selfie? i don't wanna see a man anyway, so you can keep your pics to yourself.

:lol: :lol:

yes you are agame 100000% and it's obvious.

Re: Tigray Expansion is real

Postby Khysion » 29 Dec 2017, 23:27

Sadacha Macca: The reason why I joined this site is because of Ethiopians especially Oromos who were insulting Somalis so I had to joined in and Mred/Ethoash has been on this site for a very long time and everyone recognize him as an Oromo man, but a crazy one. Only person who calls him Agame is you and I'm known as the most famous Somali in this site and everyone knows I'm Somali and Atse is an Amhara identitarian. Only people who call us Agame is you and no one else. Again you think Atse and Mred are the only Oromo and Amhara that insult each other and Somalis? There are plenty of Amhara, Oromo and even Somalis I can name who all diss each other and you pick the Somali extremist like me?

Thanks for denying my faith with Allah. You've just committed the worse sin you can ever think off and you'll see what I mean in the day of judgement.

Tigrays are religious Christians and sometimes you'll see me criticizing Tigrays and debunking Christian belief. I'm the last person to be assured of being a Tigray, that's for sure. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Re: Tigray Expansion is real

Postby ማርሲን » 29 Dec 2017, 23:29

Khysion you can't speak Somali, I've tried you many times but it seems like you keep ignoring it.

Sadacha, teach him a good lesson.

Re: Tigray Expansion is real

Postby Sadacha Macca » 29 Dec 2017, 23:40


Ethiopians also insult each other; so what's new/or the big deal, here?
nobody here mentions somalis very often, if at all; simply because ethiopia has enough problems as it is.
Nobody here recognizes mred as oromo, i dare you to make a post asking who believes he is, and see how u got proven wrong.
everyone here calls him agame. from present to me to toyalemo, everyone, including the noble sun.

most famous somali here? nah, that was hawdian, the so called isaaq somali.
even zack is an agame. he just pretends to be somali. like you do.
i have yet to see a genuine somali here. feel free to prove me wrong, if u can.
not by just repeating things over and over, though, because that ain't proof son.

yes i will deny your faith because no muslim would be here acting like you and speaking like you do.
but an atheist would. mred would. you too are=same agame person.

tigrayans are about money and power. they aint christians.
tplf proved that, already. even the pastor degnet, is very corrupt.

Re: Tigray Expansion is real

Postby Khysion » 30 Dec 2017, 00:06

Sadacha Macca: I'm going to be making a video very soon of me speaking Somali and reading the Qu'ran so I can silence your lies.

Lastly, Hawdian is gone and Zack is Issa and I know him very well in Dire Dawa. You're just a filthy Galla accusing every Amhara and Somali who insult Galla as Agame because you hate them speaking the truth. Pathetic!

Re: Tigray Expansion is real

Postby sun » 30 Dec 2017, 14:35

Khysion wrote:Sadacha Macca: Mred/Ethoash is a genocidal maniac who has facebook, twitter and everything. This guy is from the U.S and he's a Galla and an extreme atheist and I'm a Muslim. Didn't Mred speak in Oromo language while I spoke in Somali? So are you telling me this one person knows all types of language? You're starting to sound like a f*cking moron!

I only have one account and I'm a man of my words. I already offered you to come to Dire Dawa and you pussed out, it doesn't matter though.

Ask me anything. Because an Agame is an orthodox Christian while I'm a Shafi'i Muslim just like the Somalis.

Jesus is a Prophet and a messenger of God and his real name was Issa (PBUH). The Bible says that pork and alcohol is forbidden while modern day Christians eat pork and drink alcohol. The Bible says that women must cover their hair with a scarf or shave your hair. Prophet Issa (PBUH) mother the best of all women wore scarf and so did the real Christians back then and modern day Christian women don't wear scarf and in the Bible, the man has to be circumcised and Prophet Issa (PBUH) was circumcised in the fourth day and in the modern day, most Christian men aren't circumcised. However, a Muslim doesn't eat pork nor drink alcohol and their most of their women cover their hair with scarf while almost all of their men are circumcised.

You think an Agame would say such thing? Yeah, before you lie about me first have some evidence. Track our IP and I promise you that all those accounts have a different location. Recently a hacker from Mereja forum already proved it so and you're still over here accusing me to be either a Galla troll or an Agame hater when it's been disproved?

Just today I have been drinking coffee and eating fresh baked buns with some Tigrians who grew up in Oromia and speak Somali and Oromo languages. And then after that I have been chatting with three Somalis who spoke afaan Oromo and amharic fluently. We enjoyed our discussion with out any BIG DEAL. Even in your case invite Saddacca to your bungalow if you have one and talk nice to him as a kin and friend and through that clean yourself from any suspicion that you are a sneaky clan from snaky halafi's immediate neighborhood trying to use Somalis for their own purpose.

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