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Tigray Expansion is real

Postby Khysion » 29 Dec 2017, 18:32

This is the Tigray region during 1960.


This is Tigray region today.


There is no doubt that TPLF is behind this and they are the Tigray expansion project and I won't be surprised if another 20 years the map looks even more different than today.

Re: Tigray Expansion is real

Postby Sadacha Macca » 29 Dec 2017, 19:20

are u not proud of your agame kin??

Re: Tigray Expansion is real

Postby Khysion » 29 Dec 2017, 19:28

Sadacha Macca: How are they my kin? I'm ethnic Somali from Dire Dawa and I belong to noble major Somali tribe called Dir.

This is my house in Dire Dawa.


I didn't show you my address but you know how my house looks like. So if you have an issue with me, you know where to find me.


Re: Tigray Expansion is real

Postby Sadacha Macca » 29 Dec 2017, 20:00

Agame Sion,

LOL, oh yeah? then what does tigray expansion have to do with a so called somali?
does it effect you, if you're a so called somali?

and anyone can post a picture of a house and say it's theirs. that's not credible enough mr agamesion.

please try harder next time.

and i don't do internet tough talk, i whip [deleted] in real life with these hard hitting fast jabs and kicks, u can ask my hood, so yeah....

Re: Tigray Expansion is real

Postby tolaylemo » 29 Dec 2017, 20:14

This girl must be the dumbest of them all. She goes by different names like MRed, ethioass, khysion, and many more. telltale sings she is Tigray prostitute who is doing cyber propaganda. Lousy imposter !! [deleted] sharmutaa.

Re: Tigray Expansion is real

Postby Khysion » 29 Dec 2017, 20:32

Sadacha Macca: Since when were you tough? You're a f*cking midget just the rest of you Galla kin and I'm Somali who passed 6 foot at the age 16. Let me tell you something, Mred told me that you're a virgin and a [email protected] so don't flex or derail my thread. I simply gave you a warning not to derail my thread and if you have an issue, you know where to find me. I already told you my identity, What more do you want from me? My d*ck?

tolaylemo: Are you a female? I'm a man and I was trying to show how Tigray expansion is happening, especially in a modern world so STFU.

Ethioash/Mred are Galla and who's Telltale? I'm Khysion and I already told you who I am, now get off my thread and stop derailing whoever you, you are f*cking [email protected]!

Lastly, I'm a man so I can't be called a sharmuuto. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Re: Tigray Expansion is real

Postby Sadacha Macca » 29 Dec 2017, 20:59

AgameSion: since when u know me? bro i'm 6 ft 210 pounds. not a midget, nor am i the tallest, and can lift more than your weight times 3. i leg press 1000 pounds, i can break your skinny agame azzz in half with one swift kick.
and i'm fast, i play basketball and football, grew up boxing and kick boxing/wing chun.
LOOOL bro come to texas and see how you end up in a hospital.
you are an agame, hence the reason u are soooo mad at me exposing you for what u are.
why would a so called somali get this mad? exactly.
and mred aint sh1t. he's an internet warrior. aint nobody worried bout him or you.

Re: Tigray Expansion is real

Postby Khysion » 29 Dec 2017, 21:39

Sadacha Macca I don't care what you are. I've been training in MMA for 10 years and trust me you'd be smoked so fast that I would send you back to Mereja forum. Mred is a savage animal and if he saw you, he'd pull the trigger. This guy doesn't care about fighting, he only cares about killing, raping, looting and on some typical Galla sh*t. He's on a whole new level and I'ma be honest with you, a professional MMA fighter like me would feel alot more threatened if Mred around than a [email protected] virgin internet gang banger like you LOL! :lol: :lol: :lol:

I don't care what you think of me. I'm a Somali and man the word Agame has gotten to you so far that you feel traumatized when you type the word "Agame" because they're your masters and have humiliated you for centuries and have mentally enslaved you. Maybe that's why you call me Agame because you accept your inferiority status and see me as the boogyman :lol:

All I'ma say is that if you're about dat life, come see me in Dire Dawa and tell me which place you or stfu

Why am I even flexing with a midget Galla whos lying on the internet?


Re: Tigray Expansion is real

Postby Sadacha Macca » 29 Dec 2017, 21:48

AgameSion aka mred aka ethoAsh aka weird agame boy with 10 usernames: Wing chun beats mma anyday. look at what bruce lee learned.
mma is cool, and deadly, but wing chun is the best. you use every part of the body literally.
you and mred are the same person, so of course u would know him and how he is.
:lol: :lol:
you're so dumb that it's funny. you think we don't know you're all one person?
we see you logout of one name, then 5 minutes later, magically, your other name is online?
LOOOOL kkkk ayeee agame lij....
you're the one talking sh1t and not backing it up
that's the definition of coward bro. real warriors and tough guys do not need to talk sh1t online the way you do.
in the hood we say ''the loudest one is the weakest one.''

and by the way, a Muslim is never ashamed of waiting until marriage for sex.
so saying that over and over is not an insult at all.
and its g a y, why do u care about what another man does with his d1ck?
ati [deleted] dha?

agame boy, you wouldn't be somali in a million years, even if u learned all the history and the language too.
agames didnt' even rule ethiopia for centuries. nor did ethiopia exist for centuries.
more agame lies as usual. agames and lying go together like injera and w o t .

and if u want to end up in a hospital, come to texas.

Re: Tigray Expansion is real

Postby Khysion » 29 Dec 2017, 22:02

Sadacha Macca: Mred/Ethoash is a genocidal maniac who has facebook, twitter and everything. This guy is from the U.S and he's a Galla and an extreme atheist and I'm a Muslim. Didn't Mred speak in Oromo language while I spoke in Somali? So are you telling me this one person knows all types of language? You're starting to sound like a f*cking moron!

I only have one account and I'm a man of my words. I already offered you to come to Dire Dawa and you pussed out, it doesn't matter though.

Ask me anything. Because an Agame is an orthodox Christian while I'm a Shafi'i Muslim just like the Somalis.

Jesus is a Prophet and a messenger of God and his real name was Issa (PBUH). The Bible says that pork and alcohol is forbidden while modern day Christians eat pork and drink alcohol. The Bible says that women must cover their hair with a scarf or shave your hair. Prophet Issa (PBUH) mother the best of all women wore scarf and so did the real Christians back then and modern day Christian women don't wear scarf and in the Bible, the man has to be circumcised and Prophet Issa (PBUH) was circumcised in the fourth day and in the modern day, most Christian men aren't circumcised. However, a Muslim doesn't eat pork nor drink alcohol and their most of their women cover their hair with scarf while almost all of their men are circumcised.

You think an Agame would say such thing? Yeah, before you lie about me first have some evidence. Track our IP and I promise you that all those accounts have a different location. Recently a hacker from Mereja forum already proved it so and you're still over here accusing me to be either a Galla troll or an Agame hater when it's been disproved?

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