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Tigray People Are Proud Ancient Black People

Postby Tigray People Fight » 28 Dec 2017, 17:54

Part 1

The Heroic Tigray People are the true , genuine proud chocolate /black people that the Tigray People culture, traditions,ancient religious,bravery and the beautiful Tigray women surpasses any countries in this world.Tigray People are the most beautiful black people in the entier world that puts ashame to the European fake beauty image to ashame.The Tigray women beautiful faces,skin, feminine culture is superior to any other countries.Today the Brave Tigray People who created Ethiopia, Eritrea are the most loved and admired people by the international community for various reasons and contribution.

Long Live Tigray People!!!!!!
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Re: Tigray People Are Proud Ancient Black People

Postby Tigray People Fight » 28 Dec 2017, 18:55

Part 2

The Tigray People are the most civilized,kind,fair, Justice, beautiful and brave People in the entier world .Unlike most Savage Africans, Savage Gallas,some Amhara the Tigray People continued to uphold the true genuine civilized culture of Justice,rule of law even towards thier mortal enemies.

Despite the Eritrea government and it's Eritrean supporters chose a war with Tigray people who gave them thier freedom, Liberation the Tigray People are continuing to save more than 200,000 Eritreans refugees in TIGRAY who are getting life saving support,food,water,shelter by the highly civilized Tigray People.

The Tigray People have also gave mercy to 300,000 Savage Gallas soldiers and Amhara soldiers after the Tigray People defeated the largest,powerful armies in Africa.These Savage Gallas and Amhara soldiers who were under the mercy of Tigray People were treated with respect and sent back to thier families.Something western countries can not even do or have the civility of TIGRAY people.

But Savage Gallas and Amhara are evil cowards who always prey on unsespecting innocent defenseless Ethiopians to commit genocide and mutilation of bodies , desecrating bodies of innocent Ethiopians who just happen to be different Ethiopia ethnic.

Imagine what the Savage Gallas and Amhara will do to prisoners of wars???

We know what they did in the past during the war in Tigray when they committed despicable crimes,genocide on hundred thousands of innocent Tigray People.But the highly civilized Tigray People gave them mercy , freedom, development that they never knew In thier few hundreds years of history.

Today the Savage Gallas and some Amhara are commiting genocide on innocent defenseless Ethiopians for know reasons.And most of the victims of the Savage Gallas are innocent Amhara.But the greedy Amhara political party,leaders are conspiring with Gallas in the hope to over throw the powerful TPLF which is a pipe dream.But it shows the selfishness and Banda culture of Amhara who continues to collaborate with the Savage Galla despite innocent Amhara people are being slaughtered by Gallas last year and this month.

The entier world loves and admire the brave heroic Tigray People for thier fierce war skills, military strategy and industrious culture that earned them to be the most beautiful gorgeous black race that no countries can match.

Long Live Tigray People!!!!!

Re: Tigray People Are Proud Ancient Black People

Postby Tigray People Fight » 28 Dec 2017, 21:50

Part 3
It is important to restructure state development policy enterprises and to speed up Tigray development,And create millions of Tigray investors to creat employment, productivity,for the highly civilized Proud black people of Tigray.

The hard working Tigray People must not allowed Savage Gallas and Amhara to be the focal point of development but the other regions of Ethiopia mainly Tigray state should be the number one state for development, economic empowerment,militarized and the biggest Federal budget recipeant.

The Gallas and Amhara in the near future will destroy, Burne down all the development that are now being implemented and only stupid foreign and domestic investors will go invest in those two fake regions which all the investors and the government of Ethiopia will lose or thier hard earned money, factories to the Savage Gallas and Amhara.This is inevitable.Time will Tell.

All foreign and domestic investors should remove all thier factories out of Galla, Amhara and bring to Tigray where all your hard money ,factories will be safe and you will make abundance of money.The Tigray people are highly civilized,and the most hard working people in the world thus every investors will be very mezmorized by these magnificent Tigray People.

To be continued

Long Live Tigray People!!!!!!

Re: Tigray People Are Proud Ancient Black People

Postby abiadi » 29 Dec 2017, 04:00

You are right.

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Re: Tigray People Are Proud Ancient Black People

Postby Sadacha Macca » 29 Dec 2017, 04:07

Yet your region Cannot feed itself.
You claim to hate oromos yet your people migrate to Oromia in large numbers.
Tigray didn't beat Eritrea at badme, the rest of Ethiopia did.
Tigrayans didn't create Ethiopia, the shawan amara and oromos did.
Almost everything you said is false.

Re: Tigray People Are Proud Ancient Black People

Postby Tigray People Fight » 30 Dec 2017, 15:39


You coward Savage Galla the Tigray People suffered man made famine that was created by Savage Gallas and Amhara during the most bloody war in Tigray that have never being seeing in Africa.And the Tigray people with stood the biggest war, biggest man made famine in Africa and defeated all thier enemies on the battlefield and gave you Savage Gallas everything you have today on a silver platter.

Do you see the Tigray people had they focused all thier industrious culture, attention to develop Tigray rather than developing the entier Ethiopia from scratch,Tigray would have being number one developing country in Africa.

But you Savage Gallas and Amhara are suffering from short of food,hunger,drought without even a small war in your fake regions.Imagine if there was a big war in Galla and Amhara how much you people will starve to death let alone to defeat the biggest army in Africa like the Tigray People did.

Re: Tigray People Are Proud Ancient Black People

Postby Sadacha Macca » 30 Dec 2017, 15:55

Agame People Fight,

You destroyed your own land, due to soil erosion, and not only that; tigray is tiny already & is traditionally dependent on other regions to eat.
This is basic facts for all ethiopians.
you didn't give us anything, no matter how many times u repeat that lie agame people fight.
nobody gives anyone anything, by the way, for free; so even if tplf gave oromos something, they did it to get something back that's greater than what they ''gave.''

by the way, tplf never won on its own. it had eplf, and the support of the people in the lands it passed through.
u couldn't even kick eritrea out of badme, where they were for over a year, until we oromos-amara-gurages-ethiopians, we heard the crying of agame girls, and we felt sooooo bad, we cried and felt ethiopia was in danger, so we marched to badme and kicked their azzzz for you...
if the amara, oromo and other farmers, didn't at least be indifferent, to the advance of the tplf, then tplf would've been stuck in mekelle.

the brave people of gondar, gojjam and wollo, all supported tplf/eprdf, as it passed through their lands.
simply because everyone hated the evil derg.
you act as if oromos and amaras loved the derg. that's far from true.

and oromia has no shortage. we not only feed ourselves, we feed over 1 million ungrateful agames.

Re: Tigray People Are Proud Ancient Black People

Postby Degnet » 30 Dec 2017, 16:07

And gize ayehew aydelem atmelslet,ant Northerners slemtetela yemtreba sew aydelehm hulun new yemtwenejlew,not for the sake of freedom but to create chaos.

Re: Tigray People Are Proud Ancient Black People

Postby Tigray People Fight » 30 Dec 2017, 18:32


Write in English or Tigray language.Keep that language to your inferior self.

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