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Re: The new alliance of Somali, Afar, Tigray, Agew, Beneshangule, Gambela and Southern will remain the bosses of the country, if you do not like it get out from our home

Post by somali-prince » 30 Dec 2017, 12:01

Sadacha Macca wrote:
somali-prince wrote:
Sadacha Macca wrote:Most of the people you named hate tplf and tigray.

Let's break it down:

1. In Afar urban areas, TPLF gunmen and their cohorts illegally and forcefully control the salt trade a d economy, causing much resentment among the Afars. Not only that TPLF illegally dominates their politics through a puppet party.

2. In the south, the people know tplf for the infamous massacre of 100s of anuaks in a day.
Tplf also leased their land to Arabs, Indians, others, who export the food, while the indigenous southern people have to survive on food aid. Tigrayan gunmen also Control this region by force and are hated and feared by the locals.

3. The ogaden genocide and economic blockade, that the world knows about, are attributed to the tplf. The tplf starved the populace, raped, killed, and blocked all media and Aid to the region.
Abdi iley only controls his state by force otherwise even onlf can beat him and his party in a fair election just refer to when the onlf won in 94.

At the end of the day, the two creators of Ethiopia, will be the ones to save Ethiopia. Majorities do not run and secede, minorities do. So if you hate the same people who fed and protected your ungrateful azzzz, then use your article 39 and bye. Good luck when Eritrea inevitably comes back for badme.

You have raised some legit questions with regards to halafi's suggestion. However, despite the past problems somalis trust tigreys implicitly compared to oromos and amharas. Dont get me wrong when I say this, we consider oromos as our next of kin -somali abows, but politically and strategically, somalis will rather side with tplf. One thing is for sure though, in order for it to maerialise, it requires wide consultations and I believe the the other nationalities will also prefer to side with tigreys than oromo or amharas.

Out of curiosity, you have touched on the 'creators of ethiopia' it has been almost 40 years ago that under the order of the president we closed olf training camps and the reason was very simple; arming oromos is simply arming amharas. I am quite surprised that you will consider amharas as 'equals' or 'partners' for that matter. Afterall, Siyad Barre was very intelligent individual he knew deeply somali-abows will ultimately side with the amharas. Betting on tigreys and eplf was a gamble that Barre knew will succeed and boy was he right.

Somalia can Ally with who they want. I don't care.
But in the end, tplf will collapse eventually, and lose power to the combined oromo amara force.
Then what? Do you think oromo amara Ethiopia will let you secede and live happily ever after?
Or do you see a million man army once again descending into the Somali region?
Will tplf save u then or run to save their own azzzez?
Afars hate tplf to the bone. They'd never side with them. They are proud Ethiopians just ask them. Tell them they're not Ethiopian and see if you leave their areas alive or intact.sidama konso gurage etc all would join an united Ethiopian movement instead of being slaves and 2nd class citizens to tplf. They're not you, they don't willingly accept tigrayan domination.
As far as siad Barre, his problem with oromos was a territorial dispute, not him worried bout arming oromo as an indirect way of arming amaraa.
The oromo and afar didn't accept siad Barre claiming huge parts of land that were never part of Somalia. So the alliance never lasted....

where are the millions that you fondly speak of? aint you and your entire oromo nation under tplf now? See the problem you have is you live in a fantasy world topped with mere political rhetoric, whereas my comments are objective in nature in addressing the issue with empirical evidence. Do you think there will be a country called ethiopia after tplf? do you think tplf will just walk away and hand over the power to amaras? The afars are aware of what amara rule is, the southern ethiopians who are more closely related to south sudan and uganda share nothing with ethiopia. They were subjugated to the most horrific atrocities under amara rule. My somali folks faced the worst genocide under amaras, the tigreys suffered, eritreans and even the worst hit were oromos who were constantly belittled and forced to change their faith and names in order to access education.

In a thousand year, oromos werent even allowed to speak their own language let a lone having their own state. The gada system was destroyed by the same amaras you call allies. TPLF gave you a lot and you should not be ungrateful. In the case that tplf is toppled, only 2 regions will remain of what was once a fake colonial entity called ethiopia; oromos and amaras. Mind you, amaras havent changed and the gains you made under tplf will be eroded, afaan oromo will no longer exist. I know war and I am always prepared for war. Matter of fact war with amaras is what somalis usually pray for, and everytime I went to war against amaras, I won, from the times of ahmed gurey1964, 1977 and 1990.

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Re: The new alliance of Somali, Afar, Tigray, Agew, Beneshangule, Gambela and Southern will remain the bosses of the country, if you do not like it get out from our home

Post by Halafi Mengedi » 30 Dec 2017, 12:49

Somali King,

Teach the Gallaa if they understand you. The amhara hate towards Tigray is not Tigrayans are in power but Tigray dismantled all the hard wark Amhara invested over 100 years to Amharanize all ethnics to be one Amharic Ethiopia and descentralized the power and the new Kilil map about ethnics of Galla, Beneshangule, Gambela and Somali. If Amhara comes to power expect below map to be constituted.

Asseb is the Amhara led new nation port access to Red Sea
የሀገሪቱ ስያሜ
”ህዝባዊት ኢትዮጵያ” ይባላል
12 የአስተዳደር ግዛቶች ይኖሩታል


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Re: The new alliance of Somali, Afar, Tigray, Agew, Beneshangule, Gambela and Southern will remain the bosses of the country, if you do not like it get out from our home

Post by Sadacha Macca » 30 Dec 2017, 12:55

Somali camel follower,

Millions are the people the opdo/andm represent and will eventually lead, arm, train, and prepare for the future, son. do you think the oromo-amara-gurage-konso-sidama-others, will watch their country burn and do nothing? do you think this is logical? or probable?
the same way you want tplf and somalis to unite and fight for their interest, is the same way we feel for ethiopia in general.
yes, we are unfortunately under tplf now, sure, but not for long.
that which is unjust is bound to collapse. especially a minority group of elites with a shrinking support base....
and Yes there will be an Ethiopia after tplf because the majority said so.
even if, by some miracle, the somali and tigray region secedes, ethiopia will remain intact.
it will be smaller, yes, but that maybe a good thing; less people=less mouths to feed.
but the only way this can happen is through war. the somali state will have to win a long, protracted, war against the future united ethiopian forces. good luck to abdi iley and his gang on winning that because tplf will abandon somalis so fast you won't even realize it.
nobody will ask tplf to hand power to amaras or oromos or anyone; it will be forced to.
the afars are not worried about amaras, because amaras aren't the ones oppressing them today.
its the tplf and tigrayans who are dominating afar region, and the afars hate them intensely for it.
afars are proud ethiopians, u forgot this, or over-looked it. even at the badme war, they were waving the ethio flag high and fighting eritreans fiercely.
the southerners are proud too. you obviously are a rookie when it comes to ethiopian politics, and somalis usually are; they think ethiopians are all the same, like somalis, but they're not.
the south, they are smaller nations too, who would not be viable economically or politically, on their own; hence the reason they see and feel that an united ethiopia is their best bet/in their best interests.
you can blame amharas all day dude, but they are not to blame, since at least 1991.
they are as oppressed as anyone else in ethiopia. blaming them is not only not fair, and illogical and unwarranted; it's an obvious diversion tactic of tplf and their loyal but idiotic foot-soldiers/cadres.
not to mention, that, the amharas were among the poorest people even under the so called ''amhara regimes,'' which were, in reality, dominated by only a handful of elites from shawa, who didn't care for amharas at all.
if the amharas truly dominated, they'd have the most advanced state, economically, but they didn't, and still don't.
dire dawa/harar/addis ababa/and asmara were all invested in more than the entire amara region.
the average amara was as poor, or even poorer, than the average oromo, for example, even when ''amharas ruled.''
your somali folks suffered the most, ? what about since 1991 under tplf?
i guess your people should forget the ogaden genocide carried out under tplf?
and the economic and media blockade? and so on?
you want people to focus on what happened over 30 years ago, but forget the current and recent oppressive tactics and genocide of tplf against somalis, oromos, afars, and others?
how does that even make sense, except to an idiot?

first of all, ethiopia as we know it hasn't existed for 200 years, let alone a 1000 years.
why exaggerate and lie, when history can easily be verified? come on man. be mature here.
and we always spoke our language. my parents grew up under haile selassie and spoke afaan oromo daily, everywhere, anywhere, without fear.
and the gada system was in decline before the shawans (which includes oromos, by the way) conquered the south. not only that, many many oromos peacefully participated in the government back then, they were leaders.
menelik himself grew up among oromos. he depended on them for protection, like bodyguards.
without the oromo, ethiopia wouldn't exist.
TPLF didn't give us sh1t, but fake federalism. federalism means states govern themselves. federalism in tplf means tplf governs everyone by force. big difference.
when tplf collapses, all of ethiopia will remain, except for the two sore losers most likely tigrai and somalis. the rest will stay. you cannot force them to secede if they do not want to and the oromo/amara forces will be strong enough to stop that if you try.

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Re: The new alliance of Somali, Afar, Tigray, Agew, Beneshangule, Gambela and Southern will remain the bosses of the country, if you do not like it get out from our home

Post by somali-prince » 30 Dec 2017, 17:15


The kid is just trying to dig his head in the sand to avoid realities on the ground-typical ostrich. I tried to show him that under tplf, the oromos have gained the most including having their own language, own state, running own affairs, record number of cabinet ministers and even a president even though his authority is merely singing national anthem during the opening and closing of parliament. But I really wonder what happened to tplf and its leaders, are they scared of dismantling the terror and trigger happy andm and opdo?


You have written a long essay with no substance. Cant you as an oromo instead if invoking amaras, say I will do this, I will do that as an oromo? Besides, should the tplf and their allies decide to secede, do you really think you will rule over amaras? In order to win a war, you need a proper strategy and friendly countries that will support your cause. tplf and eplf support they got from somalia and later the little support provided by sudan is exactly what you need when waging a war. Do you even think any of these countries including djibouti and kenya will train and am oromos and amaras? It is not even feasible in 100 years. Sudan and Somalia will never destroy what they have built and nurtured i.e. tplf. Remember ethiopia is a landlocked country courtesy of Siyad Barre may Allah the Almighty grant him jannah. For you to wage a war, you will definitely need access to sea both for arms and importing food, medicine for the rebels. See, whenever the developed world wants to invite ethiopian opposition for hearings, it is the g7 which predominantly amara. Where are the oromos? or are you satisfied that the g7 despite overwhelmingly being an amara/gurage org is representing you in talks?

Kenya will never side with you, the third most powerful person in kenya after the president and the deputy is an ogaden somali adan duale and his great grand parent migrated from Godey region after amara massacre. I wachted a clip on youtube talking about the genocide committed by amaras against his people which led to their migration towards kenya during the colonial time. Eritrea will always side by their cousins, they had ample opportunity in waging a war against ethiopia last year when the crisis started and the country was deeply divided along ethnic lines. They had the opportunity to march to addis unopposed since tplf was overstretched. Whatever the case, they will never allow amara to rule ethiopia again. Trust me when I say this, I might know little over ethiopia but I have spent years in military training in ussr, italy and former yugoslavia.

I am not saying that tplf led regime in ethiopia is a saint. But based on historical evidence, the atrocities committed by the amaras far outweighs mistakes committed by tplf. Now here is a piece of advise, the current system is faulty and there are many ways of peacefully mitigating the shortcomings and fronting amaras to take over the country is certainly not a wise idea for oromos. Just remember the gains you have made under tplf.

Sadacha Macca
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Re: The new alliance of Somali, Afar, Tigray, Agew, Beneshangule, Gambela and Southern will remain the bosses of the country, if you do not like it get out from our home

Post by Sadacha Macca » 30 Dec 2017, 17:57

Somali Camel follower,

I wrote plenty of substance, but perhaps, your tiny brain got over-loaded and couldn't handle it.
Why are you so concerned if i say amara/oromo this/or that?
are you afraid? are you nervous? you should be.
these two giants, amara/oromo, have the potential to not only smash tplf to bits, it can go anywhere in the ethiopian state and lay the law down.
who said oromos/I want to rule over amaras/or anyone, for that matter?
we want genuine federalism. not the fake kind that has tplf generals ruling everyone by killing and raping.
we sincerely believe that killing cannot solve the ethiopian people's basic problems.
we sincerely believe that the tplf is not even competent enough to rule tigray, forget about the much bigger ethiopian state.
as far as external allies go, yes it's usually very important, but with our numbers and resources? we don't need anyone. 70 million humans with large green lands and brave people?
wow. all they need is the weapons and they're good.
not to mention that the national army is at least 70% oromo/amara.
the day these two groups say ''BEKA'' and join their people, as they did in the dergs days; it'll be over for tplf.
and for the record, somalia was not in a position to help much, back then, besides passports, travel and a few old rusty italian rifles.
the most support the eplf got was from arab countries such as iraq, syria, saudi, egypt, etc.
ethiopia is landlocked because of eplf and ethiopia, not siad barre.
a few old rusty guns and bassborts cannot defeat an army alone.
somalia didn't have the money or capability to help eritrea/tplf/ as much as the rich arabs did.
and forget sudan, it has its own issues in darfur, with egypt who can and will kick their azzzz if they go too far, and issues in kordofan.

^ read for yourself they had to declare emergency, not to mention the fact that rebels recently attacked sudan from libya.

they cannot afford to fight millions of us oromo/amaras, and fight their own rebels... ... 1018546173

and somalia cannot afford to fight for tplf, with their own issues, but even if they did; they would end up losing and then al shabab would get stronger and gain more ground. it'd be a lose-lose for them. besides that, go and ask the average somalia, if they would die to keep tplf in power to loot and kill ethiopians, for longer? please do this and video tape it and see the answers u get.

g7 is nothing bro. they will never win. their entire belief is that they wanna dismantle federalism... who will support that? oromos? no. afars? no. somalis? no. that's already 40 + 3 + 6-7 million people who would fight before g7 can get power there, etc....

and it's not in eritrea's interests to help ethiopia get a democratic government, cause they don't even have one themselves, and plus, a weakened tplf/ethiopia, is in their best interests, so eritrea will not attack until and unless they can catch tplf/tigray alone and isolated.
u are under-estimating the hatred of eritreans for tigrayans and tplf.
do not let the past fool you. eritreans are raising their kids to hate agame weyanes.
they teach their kids: hey, we almost were re-conquered by ethiopia in the 2000 war, so tplf is our enemy, for life, hate the agames.
not to mention, eritrea has no choice but to hate tplf, because tplf is still claiming large parts of eritrean lands, i.e. assab and elsewhere.
it's been their dream since the days of alula the oromo/and yohannes, to march through eritrea or medri bahri, and go to the red sea.
eritrea cannot afford to lose focus on this and i am sure isayas has contingency plans in place for this.

amharas do not care for assab or massawa these days. it's all about ethiopia. it's all about destroying tplf. the average amara does not claim assab or eritrea, as they did before, or as some of them did before; they have already long ago made peace with eritrea's independence.

bringing up the past, when we are discussing the present/current/recent realities, is a typical tplf move. they want us all to focus on what happened before MANY OR MOST OF US WERE BORN, SO TPLF CAN LOOT AND KILL, MORE, WHILE ETHIOPIANS FOCUS ON WHAT HAPPENED 30 TO 40 TO 50 YEARS AGO...
the amhara boogeyman card is old and played out... they are oppressed TODAY and are not the oppressors TODAY and that's all that matters... and as I said before, they did not benefit from the past regimes, they were poorer than most other Ethiopians, they lived in dire poverty like the rest of our people... no privileges at all... and ironically, the oromo were more and better represented in the army and government, back then, than they are now....

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Re: The new alliance of Somali, Afar, Tigray, Agew, Beneshangule, Gambela and Southern will remain the bosses of the country, if you do not like it get out from our home

Post by somali-prince » 30 Dec 2017, 19:50


I am a proud camel herder and as long as I live, there is nothing I cherish more than my herds. I will try to address the queries you raised in a simplistic form, I think grasping big strategic ideas/notions/concepts is not your forte.

Neighbour countries

You cannot and will not win a war if there is not a single neighbouring country on your side. It is as simple as that, nothing more nothing less. The foot soldiers you mentioned are armed with light artillery and if they all leave today, it will take few days to wipe them out with the heavy machinery tplf made sure does not fall under amara/oromo soldiers. There is not a single middle ranking amara/oromo in the military and the infantry where the majority are, use outdated ak47.

On the issue of somalia's role, I dont have to brag about it. I was second in charge in balidogle garrison where we trained thousands of tplf, eplf. Yes I agree with you, arab states provided financial support but do you foolishly think Iraq will airlift thousands of tplf and eplf train them and return them back? It just does not make sense, they provided financial assistance and we were in charge of the logistic side. Mention a single leader of tplf that was not based and lived in Somalia with an exception of the current head of WHO? sebhat, abay the guy that gives oromos sleepless nights was a close friend of mine, meles, samora. All were trained in somalia. The second camp was in merca where eplf were trained. You have admitted on many occassions that oromos were trained in somalia and yet refuse to admit that the same applied to tplf and eplf. The former somali president while visiting tigrey 2 years ago, said it loudly that hes proud we trained, armed and nurtured tplf during Barre's time. He was given 12 mins standing ovation. Halafi is a tigrey and ethoash, let them deny that they were trained in somalia.

Eritrea's leader is no fool and knows siding with amara/oromo means that he will never sleep in peace. He is very intelligent and calculative, the only oromo general that decamped to eritrea is in prison and none of the other leaders of the rebels are allowed to attack ethiopia from eritrea. It is very logic, despite their differences, afeworki, whom I have fond memories of during the training period together with gen tesfaye who perished in somali chopper crush, eritrea knows who their real enemy is and will do anything to protect the status quo. Do not be fooled by the few electronic warefare you see on mereja, both groups will rather keep things as it is than amara/oromo led.

the current crop of Halafis have become weak to be honest if meles was alive, opdo and andm leaders will be languishing in jail and facing justice for killing innocent tigreys and somalis. Politics for a naive oromo like you is like a rocket science. My advice is, think of the consequences of war before you declare one, the millions of oromos that will be affected, die etc. Recently, the ogaden region expelled less than 500k and upto now as we speak, the internal refugees are sleeping in silos. How would you take care of the 50 millions that will become internally displaced if you cannot look after 500k?

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Re: The new alliance of Somali, Afar, Tigray, Agew, Beneshangule, Gambela and Southern will remain the bosses of the country, if you do not like it get out from our home

Post by Maandazi » 31 Dec 2017, 08:41

On OGADEN, you said a genocide occurred and that the world knows about. Who knows, and how well known? Who is the world?

Hasn't the TPLF succeeded in keeping rather a lid on it? I doubt if that level of genocidal brutalities had occurred anywhere in rest of Africa or the world, it would be as less known.

Sadacha Macca
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Re: The new alliance of Somali, Afar, Tigray, Agew, Beneshangule, Gambela and Southern will remain the bosses of the country, if you do not like it get out from our home

Post by Sadacha Macca » 31 Dec 2017, 11:16

Neighbor countries:

Being the vast majority, and being in the regions where the vast majority of the GDP of ethiopia is derived from; it would be a guaranteed victory for the oromo/amara/other united ethiopian forces, if they were to combined military and economic operations against tplf.
we do not need the neighboring countries when we have more than 64 million people as potential soldiers, and contributors to the struggle.
the tplf and eplf also used light weapons, for the most part, when engaging the derg, who was heavily armed by russia, and the derg still lost. the main reason they lost is their loss of public support.
from the north to the south, the derg had no support base.
the same is going to happen to the tplf.
weapons alone do not determine winners, otherwise, the emperor and the derg would've never lost power.
once the people rise up in unision, in millions, it's over; just look at how the lightly armed vietnamese kicked america's [deleted], kicked the french [deleted], even china in their brief but deadly border wars.
look at how the afghanis buried anyone who invaded, from americans to russians to the british.
the determination and organization and actions of an oppressed mass of people will always win in the end and history itself attests to this fact.

on somalia:

the tplf's first batch of leaders were trained in the sahel area of eritrea, not in somalia.
that shows how uneducated and clueless you are in regards to the history of the region.
somalia provided some training, a few rusty rifles and bassborts; that's all the somalis could afford, even if they wanted to help more, they simply lacked the means to.
i never denied the presence of tplf'/eplf in somalia, i just refuse to believe somalia was able to help as much as you say. you tend to exaggerate. the same you way exaggerate when u said amara and tigray ruled for 1000s of years when ethiopia aint even 200 years old, yet.
so you're definitely someone who blows things out of proportion.

eritrea's leader doesn't have to side with anyone, he can sit and watch ethiopians die and kill, to put tplf out of power. isayas already denied any peace talks with tplf. he could easily try to save tplf, if he wanted, or allow them to run away through his land; but he knows tplf is treacherous, evil, and two-faced; and still tplf wants to destroyed eritrea as it tried but failed to do since the 1990s.
the oromos in eritrea are there for their own safety, not to struggle for oromos, you idiot, just look at a map; does oromia border eritrea? no liberation war can be waged from there. OLF is dead.
OPDO and its militias and police will be the ones, eventually, to lead oromos to victory, because despite their flaws; they're in touch with the people and live among them. a leader or leaders has to be among the people he/they are claiming to lead; that's ocmmon sense.
no rebel is allowed to attack from eritrea. g7, OLF, whoever; because eritrea doesn't want to give tplf an excuse to fully invade eritrea again. in the year 2000, he knows, eritrea was almost re-conquered, by his own so called tigrayan kin.
both sides want to see each other destroyed, tplf and eplf, but cannot do so, they both lack the strength to gain a clear and obvious upper-hand.
tplf themselves say if we invade eritrea and go deep, into their land, we will be destroyed.
and if eplf does the same, they too, will be destroyed.
so both resort to other means to weaken the other.

fck halafi, fck YOU and TPLF; i hope you are not somali, otherwise, u are a shame to your people.
you are literally wishing for the killers and rapists of somali women to win and continue to loot and kill in ethiopia.
may Allah destroy you if you are indeed muslim and somali, because u deserve it!
you want opdo to be arrested and andm, but don't want the tplf leaders who have been killing innocents since 1991 to be arrested? what kind of double standard based retarded logic is that?!
and also, arresting andm and opdo leaders, will not stop the struggle, it will only intensify in due time.
and the 50 million will not be displaced, the people the liyyu displaced were unarmed civilians, innocent people, innocent as the ogaden women and somali women that the ugandan and tplf and burundi soldiers bent over, raped, and shared like food. and now u have half ugandan cousins running around ugandishu as your kin.
tplf soldiers massacre somalis at will, whether in somali state via liyyu bolis, or in mogadishu, and u guys bow down and accept it?? bunch of puzzzziezzzz :lol: :lol: :lol:

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Re: The new alliance of Somali, Afar, Tigray, Agew, Beneshangule, Gambela and Southern will remain the bosses of the country, if you do not like it get out from our home

Post by Zack » 31 Dec 2017, 13:15

Tplf is smart it can prolong their stay the first 15 years after 2002. They were pleasing oromo and what not. The next 15 years tplf all it has to do is he pro somali make sure somali kilil incooperates more land we Somalis get more bussines contracts especially issa Somalis. Give us galla arid land I will bring Alabama republicans to darn the land and the gallas will be my servant. One day I will be sir Thomas Jefferson. And One day I will be salaman al farisie gallas won't know what struck them. Also we need to co plant tigray and Somalis in the afar lands I showed halafi plausible maps. Amharas e will provide them more statues of lions and what not embesssa style And make them fore front in the expansion of the empire when we go to war with Eritrea.
Amharas love expansion we just need to play with the ego. And we need to give them some of the spoils of war especially the shewan

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