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Tigray People Liberation Front

Postby Tigray People Fight » 26 Dec 2017, 18:34

It was in 1991 when the vast majority head core TPLF leaders address the mass crowd of TPLF rally that took place in mekelle to address Tigray People sacrifices,Tigray development,and the future of Tigray People and the left over Enemies status quo.

All The Leaders of Tigray People Liberation Front Agrees on one thing that is it was the mighty Tigray People who paid the ultimate sacrifices with thier precious life,blood,sweat,tears and scream and meager resources to Defeat numerous powerful armies on the battlefield to liberated Ethiopia.And that no Tigray person,leaders,cadres should never contemplate or compormise Tigray People development,future, Army,Security appratus , Federal posts to any ethnic that imposes a threat to Tigray People.

As the hard core TPLF leaders included the late meles zenawi spoke numerous times that it was not TPLF leaders or the organization that defeated the largest Army in Africa, various heavily armed combatants ,but the Tigray people themselves.With this in mind the current TPLF leaders must works hard to organize from 200-500,000 Tigray Army in every sectors of Ethiopia army and hundreds thousands of pure Tigray servents to control Ethiopia government, security appratus, Ethiopia army, Ethiopia airline,economy, Federal posts to make the dreams of sematat/martyrs and the long suffered Tigray People dreams come to realize.

Any TPLF leaders who failed to do the above will be considered the enemies of Tigray people and the Tigray people and security appratus will hunt them down one by one along with thier families members to face Justice in the Court OF Law.

The Savage Gallas and Amhara who never sacrifices for the Liberation of Ethiopia when Tigray people were combating numerous powerful enemies against Tanks,Jets, artillery,cluster bomb,Stalin organ,rockets,Soviet Union, Israel, East Germany, Cubans,all communists countries, Arab countries,some western countries and the numerous domestic enemies the coward Savage Gallas and Amhara were to busy breeding ugly children while Tigray People were dying by the war and man made famine caused by our historical enemies.

Tigray People must be the majority in every aspect of Ethiopia government and economy power since it is the heroic Tigray People who sacarificed thier irreplaceable precious life and meager resources to liberated the entire Ethiopia.

To be continued---

Long Live Tigray People!!!!
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Re: Tigray People Liberation Front

Postby kibramlak » 26 Dec 2017, 19:07

Do you think so?

1) The people of Ethiopia needed a change from the derg regime. A substitute was welcomed with closed eyes. Some have even helped to guide the fake eprdf aka tplf to pass through Gonder and Gojam without any resistance. TPLF wouldnt be able to reach Addis if it were not the direct and indirect help of the Ethiopian people. TPLF had never won the battle. People were abstained and gave your make believe eprdf the benefit of the doubt. Period. Tultula kedada. Tell your naive people around you. Because you are killing unarmed citizens doesn't make you a hero. you should have been ashamed of it.

2) Learn from history. Oromo, Amhara and other from which ever part of Ethiopia, have made incredible battle records and cut the backbone of the mighty foreign invaders while Tigray people were living always at the backyard.

- Who fought at the battle of Adwa, the prid of all black nations? Not the Tigrees, they were the mighty Amhara, Oromo along with other parts of Ethiopia!

- Who fought against the Somalis and broke the backbone of Siadbare? Not the Tigrees; they were the mighty Oromos and Amhara along with the rest of Ethiopians

- Who fought for the very recent war to librate Badme (for the one you are now negotiating to handover as you sweat under your pant)? Not the Tigrees; they were the mighty Ethiopians except the Tigrees. Tigrees were always at the backyard

.... The list goes on

In all those times, you were conspiring against Ethiopia. There is no a region in Ethiopia other than Tigrees where the largest bandas were recruited to bleed Ethiopia by siding with foreign Enemies. You have never had a good contribution to Ethiopia, except bleeding, conspiring, betraying, backstabing, etc

Can you tell me where the battle record of the Tigrees except killing innocent civilians, children, elders, and all Ethiopians who are unarmed?

Re: Tigray People Liberation Front

Postby Tigray People Fight » 26 Dec 2017, 19:49


You must be foolish the Tigray People crushed and destroyed Ethiopia army and there was nothing Amhara could have done to stop TPLF ferocious armies.The Tigray People and Tigray People Liberation Front fought there way in all the way to control and liberate Ethiopia.Amhara , Galla and others were all defeated on the battlefield by the mighty fierce war fighters Tigray People.You have not seeing the wrath of Tigray People on their enemies yet.Counting your useless, unproductive Savage Galla,and Amhara population to be on power will speed up,fasten,haste the destruction of Ethiopia.No Ethiopia people will ever ever want to be rule by Amhara or Galla.That means article 39 will begun.No Tigray People want to live under the budaa Amhara and Savage Gallas.The vast majority Ethiopia People have huge admirations for Tigray People bravery and industrious culture and they prefer to be Ruled or live with Tigray People Not Savage Gallas or Amhara.

Re: Tigray People Liberation Front

Postby info » 26 Dec 2017, 20:01

Mr. big mouth :lol: no more talk and bragging about winning forcefully conscripted derg kids. Ethiopians will crush you and be free from woyane yoke, you can brag all you want but you will be forced to leave power whether you like it or not, mark my word. You can brag all day but your time is over big mouth guregna. The only people I am sorry for are the innocent poor tigreans that are still suffering under TPLF yoke and will face even worse. እዩኝ እዩኝ ያለ ደብቁኝ ደብቁኝ ይላል The time has already come that you will be running for your life, fess. If you think derg is the Ethiopian people, you are in for a big surprise!!! You are biting off more than you can chew!

Re: Tigray People Liberation Front

Postby Tigray People Fight » 26 Dec 2017, 21:02


Big mouth,zeraf zeraf,empty bravado,gura, talk like women , evilness,budaa culture is reserved for Amhara and the cowrad Savage Galla.Tigray People are people of actions,deeds, bravery,courage under fire,gallantary, selfless culture,hard working, visionary,is Tigray People ways of life.

Re: Tigray People Liberation Front

Postby info » 26 Dec 2017, 21:09

stupid leflafi so why are you then bragging day and night behind a computer screen? stpid talkative kimalam tultula!

Re: Tigray People Liberation Front

Postby Sadacha Macca » 26 Dec 2017, 21:17

Agame People Fight,

if you were so sure, you would not make these same old posts over and over. truly confident people do not need to same the same thing over and over, unless of course, they are hiding their fears and insecurities.

fighting the unpopular derg, who had no support anywhere in the country,
cannot be compared to fighting entire nations with leaders (andm, opdo, and so on)...
the difference is like the difference between night and day...

the amara and oromo peasants of the north and central regions, for example, welcomed tplf/eprdf, back then, assuming anything would be the LESSER EVIL in comparison to the DERG...

Had they supported the derg, in their heart and soul, tplf would've been stuck in mekelle....

plus this time, u have no big daddy shabia to rescue you or hold your hands to victory...
shabia had entire tank divisions, tplf didnot

Re: Tigray People Liberation Front

Postby Khysion » 26 Dec 2017, 22:20

kibramlak: Why are you lying about the Ethio-Somalia war? No wonder why you [deleted]*ckers are ruled by 6 million people.

Ethiopians tribes did not defeat Somalia. It was the 7 foreign nations that saved Ethiopia from the powerful Somalis. The Ethiopian tribes were crushed swiftly and completely humiliated by the Somali national forces.

Ethio-Somalia war an easy war for Somalis. The Somali army captured 1/3 of Ethiopia and was nearly going to capture the capital (Addis Ababa) until the Soviet Union, Cuba, Southern Yemen, Eastern Germany, Libya, Iraq and Kenya that saved you from the gallant Somali warriors while Ethiopian forces and weaponry vehicles were already destroyed in enormous numbers by the Somali national forces.

In fact, Siad Barre ordered his troops to retreat back to Somalia because he knew he was heavily outnumbered by 7 foreign nations even though Ethiopia alone outnumbered Somalis and still lost. Ethiopian tribes that are united can never defeat that single tribe which are the Somalis so they need foreigners to save their weakass.

Lastly, Somalia invaded Ethiopia 1977 but the Somalia central government collapsed in 1991. So how was Siad Barre weakened? You need to quit your propaganda! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Re: Tigray People Liberation Front

Postby Tigray People Fight » 26 Dec 2017, 22:29


You Savage Galla you have being brain washed by shabai lie, propagandas that fooled you Gallas and Amhara got you collaborating with Eritrea.Eritrea have being training OLF, amhara,islamists and arming them with endless weapons,money but they all have being defeated by Tigray People let alone to control one Town.Gallas being trained by Eritrea for a very long time and if what you said about EPLF/shabia is true how come Gallas failed to Defeat TPLF and liberate one town???

Do you see Eritrea largest army was crushed and defeated by the brave Tigray people and at the same time the industrious Tigray People managed to develop Ethiopia something you Savage Gallas or Amhara can never never never do.

Now go take a shower you coward Savage ungratefull Galla.Everything you have Today was given to you by the selfless Tigray People on a silver platter.

Re: Tigray People Liberation Front

Postby Tigray People Fight » 26 Dec 2017, 23:14


The more you open your [deleted] mouth the more you sound defeatest eritrean .

Can you tell us one town the Savage Galla liberated the last 26 years for thier freedom??

Indeed you are the most oxymoron coward with the lowest IQ on this site.The Tigray People defeated you captured all the weapons and everything under Ethiopia.Why are you on this site wasting time instead of Fighting the Tigray People on the battlefield to liberate your people????

Cowardice,lie, fabrication,empty bravado is embedded in your worthless body that you will never dare to fight for your cause but talk.Shameful losers like you is a full time cyber warriors that amounts to a [ deleted ] in the street of Addis Ababa.

26 years of counting how come you failed to liberate one town in oromo from TPLF?????

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