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Re: Battle of Harar: Ethio-Somalia war.

Postby Khysion » 24 Dec 2017, 22:52

Atse Lebna Dengel: Agreed on what? It was actually you agreeing with me on everything after I showed you authentic historical factual sources.

Somalis historically have lived in Hararghe highlands way before Abbysinians came into existence since Somalis origins are from the north which is linguistically and genetically proven. Harari people have never lived anywhere in Hararghe except living in Harar and its outskirts, while Somalis surrounded and ruled the Harari people. The reason why Harari people lived with the noble Somalis is because Somalis from Ifat Sultanate destroyed Shewa Sultanate and Harari people were refugees in Hararghe because they were natural merchants and their kingdom were vanished by the Somali warriors and Somalis were extremely wealthy and that's when Harari establish a settlement in a tiny strip of land in Hararghe under the Somali elites and then a Somali scholar established a city for them called Harar and he was their first Emirate.

But yeah, about Somalis having full settlement across Hararghe highlands is documented and read this authentic source from below.


Lastly, when Greater Somalia is established, the Hararghe highlands is going to be apart of it which includes Harar.

Re: Battle of Harar: Ethio-Somalia war.

Postby Khysion » 25 Dec 2017, 15:20

Atse Lebna Dengel: Also, the source I showed you was written by a respected Somali historian called Mohammed Ibrahim Shire and he is a Somali history enthusiast, author and a doctoral researcher at Loughborough University.

You thought he made an article without showing you historical sources? Look the research below.

1. R. Paret, “Eine fragwütdige arabische Chronik von Harar,” IV Congresso Internationale di Studi Etiopici, Roma 1972, Vol. I (Roma, 1974).

2. P. Paulitschke, “Harar Forschungsreise nach den Somâl- und Galla-Ländern Ost-Afrikas”, Leipzig Brockhaus 1888

3. S. Uhlig, “Encyclopaedia Aethiopica”, Harrassowitz, 2003

4. Società geografica italiana, “Bollettino della Società geografica italiana”, 1891

5. Goverment publications, “Nuova antologia”, 1894

Yes, he wrote it, and he used SOURCES. That's why his article is authentic. Check it out for yourself: ... warwajele/

Listen, the source is in Portuguese, there was a war during that time with the Portuguese they recorded and kept records that of the events. There is evidence that Harar was destroyed and they claimed it was done by the Portuguese and the Somali Emirate was able to get local support from his city and was able to push them far to Zeila until many Somali forces from different provinces of Adal kingdom joined in and eradicated those white pagans out from their kingdom.

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