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Eritrea Is Ruled By Tigray People

Postby Tigray People Fight » 23 Dec 2017, 19:24

Hizbawi Ginbar other wise known as Eritrea People Liberation Front was founded,Created by Agames and to present days all its EPLF leaders ,commanders,generals,Colonel's are all from Tigray who liberated Eritrea with the help of Tigray people in the hinterlands.Keep in mind if it was not for Tigray People who saved EPLF and Eritreans during the wars in the 1980s against derg/Ethiopia army Eritreans and EPLF were defeated to oblivious to the point of no returned.Thanks to the mighty fierce Tigray People Eritreans were saved numerous times during the Liberation wars.And today Eritrea and Eritrea people Fate is in the hands of Tigray People who gave them freedom,independence that the Tigray People can easily take back or destroy the entier Eritrea to oblivious.The fierce Tigray People war fighters knows every inch of Eritrea mountains ,enclaves, Meadows,gorges, Hill,and street like the back of thier hands.Eritreans better be grateful and mind thier own business instead of collaborating with Tigray enemies or else they will face incurable defeat once for all by the mighty Tigray People who are the creators of all Eritrea Language,culture, traditions.

Long Live Tigray People!!!!!!

Re: Eritrea Is Ruled By Tigray People

Postby Degnet » 23 Dec 2017, 19:27


Re: Eritrea Is Ruled By Tigray People

Postby Tigray People Fight » 23 Dec 2017, 19:52

Aita degnet

Go read the fake king James dirty pente Bible.Sell out pente Pastor.

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