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TPLF Can Not Be Defeated

Postby Tigray People Fight » 23 Dec 2017, 18:44

Don't let the street protest,riots , genocide by Savage Gallas and some Amhara fool you that the Tigray People Liberation Front will be defeated is nothing but a pipe dream.The Tigray People Liberation Front and Tigray People paid enormous sacrifices with thier precious life,blood,sweat tears ,scream and meager resources to defeat numerous powerful armies to liberated all Ethiopians and to be where they are today.Aside from the Ethiopia army that was rebuild from scratch by Tigray People is not the only force in Ethiopia.The true fierce fighters pure Tigray Army numbers in 3 million hard core Tigray fighters that can Defeat any super powers countries on the battlefield let alone cowards savages of Gallas,Savage gonderes who only are brave commiting genocide on innocent defenseless Ethiopians.

If Savage Gallas and Savage gonderes are brave why don't they go to the field and fight like men against the most fierce war fighters the Tigray People on the battlefield instead of hiding behind women skirts and protest???????

Long Live Tigray People!!!!

Re: TPLF Can Not Be Defeated

Postby Tigray People Fight » 23 Dec 2017, 20:11

Part 2

The cowrds ex prisoners of war Andm and Opdo leaders are nothing but cowards,useless that will be thrown to jail for treason act if they continue to act like sher##muta that they are.Infactt Tigray People are to kind,generous allowing them to participate in Ethiopia government and development that came on the expense of Tigray People sacrifices.Do you think you cowards believe few ex-prisoners of eprdf leaders can sabotage,topple or creat coup details against thier creator the mighty Tigray People and Told???

You morons are detached of reality or low IQ scumbags that so not know how deep the Tigray People are entrenched in the Enemies trenches,kilill , Ethiopia that the Tigray People security appratus,armed forces,fierce militia fighters are able to know everything in that ungratefull people land.

The industrious Tigray People with their battle harden experience kept Ethiopia secure,stabel and made her to be the most fast developing countries in Africa.But for Bantu Savage Gallas and some Amhara who never contributed for Ethiopia is non of it matter because they suffer from budaa culture, envious culture,jealousy culture, ungratefull culture, lazy culture, backstabber culture,Banda culture and genocidal Culture on Innocent defenseless Ethiopians.

Day in day out you scumbags being fabricating lies,hate in the hope to destroy Tigray people and seeing them suffer in misery,poverty and backwardness just like your evil culture but the Tigray People will never never be defeated or succumb to your evil culture or inferior morality of animalistic behavior and prisms of the world.

To be continued

Long Live Tigray People!!!!!!

Re: TPLF Can Not Be Defeated

Postby Tigray People Fight » 23 Dec 2017, 21:23

Part 3

What happened to the Savage Gallas and Savage gonderes when the emergency law was put in place ? All these dirty Savage gonderes and Savage Gallas disappear from the Street to hide behind thier wives dress,under thier beds,under thier wives [deleted] and they were as quite as a rat in water.These Savage Gallas and Savage gonderes are only brave in the absence of authority to harm unsuspecting innocent defenseless Ethiopians who were just going about thier day to day life.Shameful cowards you think you can defeat the world deadliest fierce war fighters Tigray People who liberated your coward [deleted]???

Get lost losers , ungratefull inferior savages who count your useless Savage Galla , Amhara population to be in power so you can keep the entier Ethiopia people in indefinite poverty, backwardness, evilness,jealousy and budaa culture.The entier world have seeing you Savage Gallas and Savage gonderes when you murdered innocent defenseless Ethiopians,burned down public and private properties and burned down all essentials factories the Tigray People worked hard to bring it in your region so you can be free of poverty.But your evil culture,budaa culture would not let you to be civilized and Fair people.Your evil mentality is like crabs in the bucket.

Stop hiding behind protest and face the fierce Tigray People on the unforgiving battlefield where the Tigray People Excell and are renowned world Fierce war fighters so they can teach you unforgettable lessons.

To be continued

Long Live Tigray People!!!!!!

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