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Eritrea -the first and only independent African country

Postby justo » 21 Dec 2017, 16:53

The other day the Boers of S. Africa selected Cyril Ramaphosa to be the country's new president. Ramaphosa who was a poor labour union activist during the anti-apartaid struggle is now a multi-billionaire trusted by the de Beers.

The West turns a deaf ear on the killing fields of woyane's Ethiopia, and widely reports fake news of 28 civilians killed by Eritrean security forces during the short-lived jeberti uprise.

The forefathers of the apartheid Boers, the Dutch, now want to close Eritrean embassy. What is it that Eritrea is doing so right that the racists are in an uproar and throwing tantrums? The best way for Eritrea to revenge this is to grow its economy and make its people happy.

Hope the Oromo and Amhara will turn Ethiopia into the 2nd independent African country

Re: Eritrea -the first and only independent African country

Postby justo » 22 Dec 2017, 09:26

Eritrea is a country that would never give a visa to a criminal like Christine Lagarde. Or if she were to allowed in, she would be made to meet at best a mid-level bureaucrat, and never the head of the state.

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