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Viral Video: We are not black, We are Ethiopian

Postby teodroseIII » 21 Dec 2017, 10:12

I told a lot of people in the past that the way to fight for our nation and turn attention to the plight of Ethiopians was to make our story the story of the world. But I did not really understand the true depth of this statement until I went through a two year journey that showed me how connected humanity is to each other. So this video below is a way to reclaim our narrative and in the process unveil the lies of history. We are not black is not a way to say we are different than "Africans", it is a way to unite the continent as one and in the process tell our story through us. Check out the video below and join in as there is a TON of attention being paid to this video. Use social media to push this video everywhere, it is a bit long but everybody who keeps watching it says how profound the video and the message is. Enjoy

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Re: Viral Video: We are not black, We are Ethiopian

Postby Abaymado » 21 Dec 2017, 14:10

It looks like Inferiority complex is riding in your [deleted]. You may not be black , but I am black, born in black soil, in Africa. I am proud of it. I know I am the best and nO body is superior to me. Who cares for the one is born from whoores, and become mixed? We know whites are supposed to be albinos , so who wish to be white? I thought theodrosIII is Elias , and I know Elias is pure black, I don’t think he is telling us that he used chemicals to bleach his skin.
What a nonsense thread is this?
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Re: Viral Video: We are not black, We are Ethiopian

Postby teodroseIII » 21 Dec 2017, 16:57

Let me guess, you did not watch the video before jumping to this snark did you? I know you did not because if you did you would realize that I'm not denying my heritage or separating myself from those who have brown skin like I do, perhaps before jumping to conclusions and arriving at condemnation, it is best to read/watch. Or maybe not, what suits you wendem. Yemecheh.

Re: Viral Video: We are not black, We are Ethiopian

Postby Abe Abraham » 21 Dec 2017, 19:33

We are not black, We are Ethiopian is equivalent to We are not yellow, We are Chinese.

Re: Viral Video: We are not black, We are Ethiopian

Postby teodroseIII » 21 Dec 2017, 22:08

Is the word BLACK a word that comes from us? Where did that word originate from? Who called us that and why?

Follow up question: how do you say "flag" in be amharignia?

Re: Viral Video: We are not black, We are Ethiopian

Postby Khysion » 23 Dec 2017, 12:54

teodroseIII: Well glad you're not stupid as some Ethiopians. The word "black" is a racist terminology word to describe west African slaves who live in the present day of the American continent and Carribean islands. They were called black for a reason because they lost their roots, origins and identity and thus they united based on skin colour and struggle while Somalis, Ethiopians and other Cushitic East Africans were never enslaved and built civilizations to defeat/defend themselves against sophisticated foreign invaders and they were also slave owners themselves.

East African (Cushites) don't share anything with the word "black" because they were never enslaved, they don't know what struggle is nor were they discriminated since they have their own respected territory.

Look, I feel sorry for black people and I really do! But they need to stop pushing this victimhood mentality towards other Africans and they believe this is the way.

No its not! You're showing them that you're submissive, weak and expecting pity from them. :lol:

Blacks need to act strong, tough and have self-esteem just like the East Africans for example. 8)

Re: Viral Video: We are not black, We are Ethiopian

Postby Amara Sayint » 23 Dec 2017, 13:57

In the truest sense of the word, we Ethiopians are Blacks.. Remember! people from different parts of Ethiopia have different colored skin -the variations in skin color range from Braun-skin with slimmer nose, Dark-brown skin tones, to coal-black skin.

Re: Viral Video: We are not black, We are Ethiopian

Postby Abdisa » 23 Dec 2017, 14:19

Tewodros was a king of Semitic Abyssinia, not Cushtic Ethiopia. The State of Abyssinia is home to ethnic Tigray and Amhara. Therefore, "We Abyssinians are not Black, we are Africans" should have been a more fitting choice for the title given to the video by the Semitic Abyssinian author named after the Semitic Abyssinian emperor Tewodros.


The following Famous Letter of Tewodros to Queen Victoria of England, if read between lines, ascertains what the name and politics of Abyssinia country looked like.

    In the name of the father, of the son, and of the wholly ghost, one god in trinity, chosen by god, king of kings, Theodore of Abyssinia.

    To her Majesty Victoria, Queen of England,

    “I hope your majesty is in good health. By the power of god I am well. My fathers, the emperors, having forgotten the creator, he handed over their kingdom to the Gallas and the Turks. But god created me, lifted me out of the dust, and restored this empire to my rule. He endowed me with power and enabled me to stand in the place of my fathers. By this power I drove away the Gallas. As for the Turks I have told them to leave the land of my ancestors. They refuse. I am now going to wrestle with them.

    “Mr. Plowden and my late Grand chamberlain, the Englishman bell, used to tell me that there is a great Christian Queen, who loves all Christians. When they said to me this: “we are able to make you known to her and to establish friendship between you,” then in those times I was very glad. I gave them my love, thinking that I had found your majesty’s goodwill.

    “All men are subject to death, and my enemies, thinking to injure me, killed these friends. But by the power of god I have exterminated those enemies, not leaving one alive, though they were of my own family, that I may get, by the power of god, your friendship. I was prevented by Turks occupying the sea-coast from sending you an embassy when I was in difficulty. Consul Cameron arrived with a letter and presents of friendship. By the power of god I was very glad hearing of your welfare and being assured of you amity. I have received your presents and thank you much.

    “I fear that if I send ambassadors with presents of amity by Consul Cameron, they may be arrested by the Turks. And now I wish that you may arrange for the safe passage of my ambassadors everywhere on the road. I wish to have an answer to this letter by Consul Cameron, and that he may conduct my embassy to England. See how Islam oppresses the Christian.”


After initially imposing Abyssinia name on non-Abyssinians, special diplomatic effort was made by Teferi Mekonen- later Emperor H. Sillasie- to abandon both Abyssinian and Southern country’s names at all in favor of Ethiopia. Then minority Abyssinian rulers denied the existence of other dehumanized people including their history, culture, etc and promoted the policy of ‘swallowing majority non-Abyssinians’. For e.g. the first paragraph the Official Property Decree promulgated by the so called Ethiopian brigand government of Naftagna-Melkegna dated October 24th, 1928 explicitly states that “the right of freedom from confiscation has existed in the Christian Abyssinian provinces of the North-namely the provinces of Tigre, Gondar, Gojjam and proper Shoa.” The whole situation can be characterized as a ‘dragon stuck while swallowing a buffalo!’

The following all inclusive Memorandum of Department of State regarding the official name of Ethiopia explains the whole situation of the historical genocide committed. Source: Documents on Ethiopian Politics, Volume 2- The consolidation of Power of Haile Selassie, 1920-1929, page 32-33.



    October 18, 1926.

    Index Bureau

    Received OCT 27, 1926


    “The following information with reference to the names Abyssinia and Ethiopia is given in response to your telephone request last Saturday:

    Ethiopia is the name which is preferred by the Government and people of the country. Mr. R. P. Skinner, in his Paris dispatch No. 766 of September 23, 1925 (123 SK3 /246) wrote as follows:

    “In this connection, I respectfully suggest that it would be more strictly correct to abandon the use of the word Abyssinia in favor of Ethiopia. The government of the country considers Ethiopia to be its proper name. And it is under this name that our treaty appears in the official volume of Treaties, Conventions and International Acts. And in the body of the treaty Ethiopia alone is mentioned from time to time. I believe that it would be gratifying to the existing government of Ethiopia if the use of the word Abyssinia could be dropped.”

    The suggestion that the name Ethiopia be adopted for official use by the Government was approved by Mr. Dulles of the Division of Near Eastern Affairs and was adopted by the United States Geographic Board February 3, 1926.

    Ethiopia is the term employed not only in the two Treaties of 1903 and 1914, between the United States and that country, but also in the treaties between great Britain and Ethiopia and it is so listed in the “Foreign Office List and Diplomatic and Consular Year Book, great Britain”, 1924, page 48. it also appear as Ethiopia in the ratifications of the Universal Postal Convention signed at Madrid November 30, 1920 (British State Papers, 116, 1922, page 776) as also in the “Dictionaire des Bureau de poste, publi?e par le Bureau International de l?union postale universalle (1909)”.

    The name of the country in the language of the country, Amharic, is, translated Ityopya.

    The objection of the people of the country to the term “Abyssinia” arises from the fact that the Arabic word “Habesha”, from which it is derived means “confusion”, and that it has come to connote, as the Arabs use it with reference to “Abyssinia”, “mongrel” (strange mixture).

    Admittedly the term Abyssinia is much more widely used. It is used in Hertslet’s Commercial Treaties, volume 30, 1924. it is also used by the League of Nations in the documents referring to the admission of “Abyssinia” to the League of Nations, although the texts refers to “Queen of the kings of Ethiopia” and to the “Crown Prince of Ethiopia”.

    “Abyssinia” (officially Ethiopia” appears in the Encyclopedia Britannica and Encyclopedia Americana.”


Evidences and facts show that, by any means of imagination, the biblical name Cushitic Ethiopia has no relation with Semitic state of Abyssinia except being neighbors. Strictly speaking, Ethiopia belongs to the direct geographical descendent of ancient country Nubians or the Sudan both historically and Biblically, but not to Abyssinia or even the present day Ethiopia. The fact that the Sudan preferred the Arabic name Al-Sudan over Ethiopia, means the black people, for what ever reasons, resulted in the confusion of the two countries people with their history. This link provides additional clear picture regarding the cause and effect of the confusion.

Read More:
Abyssinia to Ethiopia: from Obfuscation to Confusion ... confusion/

Re: Viral Video: We are not black, We are Ethiopian

Postby Khysion » 23 Dec 2017, 16:29

Abdisa: I'ma have to debunk some of your stupid claims. Cushitic people are ingenious east Africans whos lands stretched from Egypt to the north and all the way deep south in Tanzania until Bantu and Arabic expansion. Cushitic people were founders of Ancient Egyptian, Land of Cush (Cushites) and Land of Punt (Somalis).

Look at the ancient times and how much land Cushitic people occupied until getting invaded by Romans, Persians than Arabs from north and Bantus from the south.


As for Abbysinians. They were originally Agew until Agew mixed with southern Arabians and the minority mixed tribe assimilated the majority of the Agew population which gave birth to Abbysinians. Language does mean anything, genetically and physically you're Cushite and your genes are mostly Agew and you'll be forced to take back your original identity one day. :mrgreen:

The map you shown is absolute horse sh*t! Since when did Somalis have such small land and that map is so fake that Ethiopia occupies southern Africa LOL!

This is the authentic medieval map.


This is today Cushitic map.


It's sad we lost all our historical ancient brothers like North Cushites who were wiped out by Romans and Persians and their land is settled by Arabs. As for Southern Cushites, they were wiped out by Bantus and you'll have to study Bantu expansion to understand how am feeling. :cry:

Re: Viral Video: We are not black, We are Ethiopian

Postby Dawi » 23 Dec 2017, 18:33

Atse Lebna Dengel wrote:What Tewodros wrote to the Queen is exactly what I feel now and for the rest of my life. Our dedebe emperor Sesenyous simply allowed gallas to enter Ethiopian court because he had galla mentality. They then destroyed the country just like what Ahmed Gragn had done prior and prevented us from joining Europeans in early capitalism. Look what happens to Shewa, Arsi aka Fetegar, Wollo aka Bete Amhara and many others. I really wish I was born in Gelawdeos or Tewodros II reign, because I would have slaughtered many gallas.


I know we digressed from what Teodros was addressing. I remember watching his video a while ago and was kind of overwhelmed by the provoking thought. I left it alone because it was huge.

He asked the question, what is the name of our flag in Amharic? Just the other day, to someone who didn’t even see the video before responding to the post. There was no answer.

His pointing out to us that our flag is called “Sendeq Alama” not “Banidira” itself was interesting; now, when I listen to Jacki’s song “Bandiraw! this Bandiraw! that”, which is a nice song btw, wonder if it was changed to Sendequ! this Sendequ! that, what it would sound like? Would it change its beauty? Probably not.

The “black” label is a huge deal and is going to make a lot of “Negros” angry. Teodros knew that but, has made an inroad fighting it in his video. His choice of calling ourselves Ethiopian shouldn’t have been that difficult particularly to us who came from that land called Ethiopia today but, as tribalists/secessionist we are, it bothers us a lot. It even bothers the secessionist advocates like the Abdisa’s the most.

From Negro to [deleted] to coloured to Afro …..African American and to black Why? Was the question.

From Ethiopia to Eritrea? Why? Because the fascist called you so?

We are all Ethiopians is a profound and is a provocative thought! It transcends our present conflict back home.

Lemma must have seen the video - "Ethiopiawinet" is addiction Lemma said! It made everyone rally around that! 8)

Again Atse,

What Teodros II wrote was cool; he was tying to consolidate his power & will say a lot of Sh***to do that; I don't understand why you don't like Susenyos; He was raised & grew up amongst the Oromo. If you look at the bright side, the positive side of Oromos is, they're inclusive; they don't care about your ethnicity; in fact they will try to make you part of them by hook or by crook. So you can say Susenyos is practically an Oromo. The recent HIM himself is part Oromo. Hell! Achamelehu Tamiru has said HIM government is practically an "Oromo" government not "Amara" and he will name you names of those that run that government. :P

Having said that, I thank you for just debunking secessionists/sociologist manipulation of our history that "gallas" and "Somalis" were not part of Ethiopian history.

So no one is fooled anymore; Ethiopia has the foot prints of Ahmed gragn, Susenyos, Teodros and Yohannes in just recent times alone.

With the above background, the next leaders of EPRDF, OPDO/Lemma should completely forget discussing their Oromia capital "Addis Ababa" interest but, they should focus and discuss on Ethiopia's access to the Sea with Shabia; TPLFites in EPRDF have too much baggage with EPLF to do that so let OPDO members negotiate on Ethiopia special interest in Eritrea; arrive to some agreement such as bringing back the old federation. I expect them to be received by the secessionist Shabia/Isaias with open arms. I can see, Abdisa having a heart attack when he sees that happen because his wish of wiping out Woyane shall fail for sure and the opposite takes place.

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