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Eritrea To Be Divided By Ethnic

Postby Tigray People Fight » 19 Dec 2017, 17:54

The Heroic Tigray People gave the ungratefull Eritreans thier freedom and Independence so they can realize thier long dreams and become a good productive neighbors with thier master and creater the Tigray People.These backstabbers have left no stone unturned to do harm to thier creators the Tigray people for the last 40 years but to no avail.TPLF and Tigray People after crushing the Eritrean largest army in Africa and put them in thier place have destroyed the entire Eritrea with no peace no war strategy.Today there are 200,000 Eritrea refugees in TIGRAY getting life saving support by the kind Tigray People .Eritreans are to Coward to start a war and take BADMA rather they are begging u.n and other Western countries to give them these Tigray lands.Eritrea days is coming to de divided by ethnics such as the following who will chase out the fake Tigrinia speakers out of Eritrea

Kunama Eritrea is coming for you

Afar Eritrea is coming for you

Saho Eritrea is coming for you

Jeberti Eritrea is coming for you

Muslims Eritrea is coming for you

Jebha is coming for you

The Coward inferior Tigrinia speakers Eritreans will get on thier knees and beg the mighty Tigray People to save them.Time will testify to This.Dont mess with Tigray People.The result is incurable Defeat.

Long Live Tigray People!!!!!

Re: Eritrea To Be Divided By Ethnic

Postby Tigray People Fight » 19 Dec 2017, 19:31

Eritreans 40 years lie of empty bravado was exposed by the mighty Tigray People who forced Eritreans to love peace more than a monk.Today Eritreans are begging the international community for TPLF and Tigray People not to invade them or start a war.What a pitty.

Re: Eritrea To Be Divided By Ethnic

Postby » 19 Dec 2017, 20:52

Chigaram sahsah komal people fight

Your days are numbered. You can't even save yourself let alone give independence to anyone. Your criminal minister begged us more than 50 times to come polish out shoes but he was told to fkoff. Now all you got left is a six feet deep graveyard expecting your dead corpse.

Re: Eritrea To Be Divided By Ethnic

Postby Tigray People Fight » 19 Dec 2017, 21:34

At chenawi guhafe wedi guhafe the shame of all human being slaves of Arabs, slaves of fascist Italy your fake country Eritrea is existing because of the good will of your masters Tigray People.But those days are running out and we will see Eritrea evaporate to the thin air.Mark our words.

BTW do you thing Savage Gallas and amhara street protests will have any dent on TPLF???? You must be one oxymoron inferior eritrean who don't have any clue how deep the Tigray People are.Wedi Guhafe slave of Arabs like you is irrelevant.Tigray will crush you when the day comes.Or allow other Eritrea ethnics to come after you.Your fate is sealed.

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