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Re: What do you think of Oromos?

Postby Yakume » 17 Dec 2017, 19:30

Sadacha Macca you are right criminals are criminals and against the humanity there is no difference between Oromo criminals, the Somali criminals, and Amhara and Tigray criminals but I disagree about what you think they are Oromo OPDO officials are not Oromo but from other ethnics non-OROMO and it’s not fair to judge the Oromo people because of OPDO crimes OPDO and Oromo people are same with one who stole a camel “one who stole a camel walks bending his back to cover himself from the eyes of others”.

I never said Oromos are bad but the problem is the newcomers are conducting crimes in the name of Oromo this is the problem. . I don’t think you are Oromo and Muslim because religion and culture important issues for Oromo Muslim. Oromo Muslims and Borana people as well as kereyu feel OPDO officials are not Oromo but lack understating of Oromo culture and religion these tribes in Oromo society want to have their right position in both OPDO and Oromo government. Hararghe, Bale and Arsi Muslims also the Oromo Muslims are 80% of the region’s population but marginalized by newcomers who are behind current genocides and ethnic cleansing in the region

Re: What do you think of Oromos?

Postby Yakume » 21 Dec 2017, 14:41

I would like to repeat the question - after killing about three hundred of innocent people (including children, women and elderly people) from other ethnics and looting their business and properties by Oromo government police and militia many people including Ethiopians and international community started asking who are Oromo people and their culture in terms of having good relationship with other ethnic communities of the country and also other communities in the Horn of Africa region.

It's too easy to mock us: unorganized, rebel - revelation, oromized others (streets’ children with not fathers), protest and remonstration, khat, officials who were former Derg soldiers and TPLF prisoners, massacring and slaughtering neighbors (from other ethnics), unending cycle of political violence, need I say more? Is that all you think of too? Let me know, what do you think of Oromo people?

Remember there are good and bad people everywhere - of every society, religion, of every gender, of every nationality, of every political party. So don’t count the Oromized OPDO officials the former Derg just soldiers and TPLF prisoners to the good people of Oromo. Never trust Tigray politicians who kiss children and women, whose eyebrows meet in the middle.

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