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Re: Thanks to Woyane Hotel Rwanda is almost here

Post by Khysion » 21 Dec 2017, 15:24

Gobana: In the Somali region. There are two major rivers with permanent water along with other minor rivers and around it is extremely fertile and is settled by Somali farmers that grow enough crops to feed their regional population, even Fafan zone is very fertile without any major rivers along with alot of farmers which explains why it's the most densely populated Zone in the Somali region. :mrgreen:

Look how fertile and how many rivers the Somali region has. :lol:


Plus, the Somali region has the largest livestock population with Camel, Cattle, Sheep, Goat and even chicken. The Somali region has the most underground resources in Ethiopia and their Somali brothers have the longest coast from Djibouti to Somaliland to Somalia to Somali Kenyan region. Somali region is 8 million strong with enough food and wealth to survive until the day of judgement. 8)

So tell me who's going to starve us you delusional Galla? :lol: :lol: :lol:

Sadacha Macca
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Re: Thanks to Woyane Hotel Rwanda is almost here

Post by Sadacha Macca » 21 Dec 2017, 15:36

Dude did you know the Afar region donated food to the drought stricken Somali state a while back?
Afar has its own problems, but saw how bad it was there, and had to help.
So imagine how much oromia Donated?
Imagine how many non oromo eat well in oromia and are welcomed in comparison to how many non somalis live and eat well in somali kilil?
I don't agree with Obbo Gobanas insulting of all Somalis nor do I agree with you insulting all Oromo.
BTW many of your rivers have origins in the mountains or areas of oromo land, i.e. webi shabelle...
BTW, Ethiopia can survive without Somali and tigray state, but cannot survive without oromia...
Oromia may be disadvantaged when it comes to sea access.. But is blessed everywhere else so it's more than a fair exchange we got from Allah....
8) 8)

Oromia has plenty of water...
Oromia has plenty of livestock and honey bees...
Oromia has plenty of gold, soda ash and minerals..
Oromia has it all....

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Re: Thanks to Woyane Hotel Rwanda is almost here

Post by Khysion » 21 Dec 2017, 16:49

Sadacha Macca: You're obsessed with Afars aren't you? Do you realize a sub-clan of Dir called Issa has been bullying them for centuries and it's always other Dir sub-clans telling Issa to leave the maskeen Afars alone right? :lol: :lol: :lol:

When Afar has a serious drought, do you know who they seek help from? Somali's. Mainly from Djibouti and Shinille Zone from the Somali region and they always provide food for them whenever they have famine. Somali's and Afars are closest cousins, so don't be surprised when you see them supporting each other.

Oromia has worse droughts than Somalia. Currently, Oromia has a very bad famine going on while Somalia famine ends just by digging a well or going to a river. :lol:

You're right, Jubba and Shabelle rivers which are Somali names and mostly located in Somali territory has water source from Bale mountains which historically belong to ethnic Somali's and we are going to re-conquer it along with east Hararghe. :mrgreen:

Again, in a long run, Ethiopia will depend on the Somali region since most of Ethiopia's underground resources is located in the Somali region which accounts 35% of Ethiopia's landmass or probably more.

Lastly, Oromia only has agricultural highlands while the Somali's have agricultural plains and some agricultural highlands, forest, underground resources and is stated to have one of the most resources in the world along with the longest coast in Africa. Somali's have conquered enough land for its people, so obviously we good and much better state than Oromo's. 8)

Sadacha Macca
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Re: Thanks to Woyane Hotel Rwanda is almost here

Post by Sadacha Macca » 21 Dec 2017, 18:07

6 Million people facing food shortages is not ''ended'', far from it. ... in-somalia ... -persists/

''Somali region in peril,'' and ''6 million somalis facing food shortages'' is somehow magically ended by ''digging a well or going to a river?''

If only it were that easy, kid.

Oromia's drought is man-made, it can easily be avoided with proper agricultural practices and so on, while the one in somali region is due to nature, it's an usually arid/dry area.

Oromia is the greenest land in Ethiopia dude, everyone knows this.
Oromia is the economic backbone of Ethiopia. Our enemies, friends, and those who choose to remain neutral, all acknowledge this.
If somali/and tigray secedes, ethiopia maybe a little diminished, but will remain intact and survive; but if oromia goes, bye bye to ethiopia.

see the difference?

Somalis have ports, but have they benefited from them latley?
can you feed the 6million somalis who are hungry with ports alone?
don't you need commodities/products/etc to export?
That's where the Oromos come in...

Oromos and Somalis have traded for centuries, even before ethiopia/somalia existed:

''As in the Basso-Gibee route, the traders established clients with Borana families, who provided protection and facilitated transactions for them. The SOMALI TRADERS were even given a Borana name, ''saffaar goolo=after the name of the hide bags in which the traders carried their cloth), and were welcomed as Saffaaritcha of such-and-such Somali clan.''

[Integration and Peace in East Africa: A History of the Oromo Nation
By T. Etefa, page 116]

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