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East Africa's best love songs .

Postby abel qael » 25 Feb 2009, 21:52

According to the international judges, among whom sits the highly respected Ethiopian celebrity nicknamed Yaddiskonjo,Ephrem Belay's "tegayishe" ranks 1st from among the best of the best Love songs in the whole world.
Enjoy Ephrem's "Tegayishe" , and you be proud ,this Ethiopian love song
is rated as the best in the whole world.

Re: East Africa's best love songs .

Postby abel qael » 25 Feb 2009, 22:40

After the awesome Ephrem Belay lets look at another Wedi Belay, another awesome, Eyob Belay ze bihere shire.

No wonder the R.S.B Group dubbed this song " the sexiest love music in Africa".

This is what we call " Loga Le' Loga Siyawega Negga ". Eyob Belay's love song is the best "Momona" ever. As you can see, the umm umm lovely Eyerusalem, is visibly falling for the celebrity MR. Eyob Belay; and, well , in the meanwhile the sexy, very beatiful, highly skilled Tigrigna dancer, and a Renoun Tigrayan musician on her own right, Weyzerit Rishan Gebrenigus, dances with Eyob on behalf of the shy Eyeru .

Re: East Africa's best love songs .

Postby abel qael » 26 Feb 2009, 03:21

Zemenfes Alemseged's award winning- awesometastic love song - about the cute Tigrayan country gurl below, "Gual Hagereseb", whom Zemenfes met and instantly fell in love with shortly after he met her when he went to visit his relatives, who live deep in the remote country side of Wuqro , where she happens to live with her family and works as a cowgirl.

Zemenfes is singing his "gual Hagereseb " @ a concert in Woqro town , his birthplace , where he still lives.

A lot more can be said about Zemenfes Alemseged's "Gual Hagereseb"; which, like I said before, keeps showing up high on the Ethiopian music charts- among other reasons , for being a real love song dedicated for a beautiful wuqroan country girl named Azeb. The beauty of this song is lucidly clear for those with well-trained big ears like mine .

The awesome song comes in the native wuqroan-style beats admixed with elements of rock and soul music , and it is being performed at moderate tempos with the accent on the offbeat, thus making it a real testament confirming the validity of the popular notion positing Tigray to be the ORIGINAL birth place of Real Reggae Music.
Well, Call it Guayla music , Tigrignean Reggae , or what have you ... knotties out there ; however, whether you like it or do not like it , this is the only artistic song based on a true , real & living , melodious love story. This can happen Only in Tigray - land of real men and real women !

Re: East Africa's best love songs .

Postby abel qael » 28 Feb 2009, 17:49

Surprise! Surprise ! According to the renoun RSAB coaches in Tigray , Southern nations and nationalities state , Amhara , Afar , Sumali , Oromia , Gambella, AA, Dire and Benishangul adminstrative regions , Fiqri Maedo by Mesfin, the young musician from Tigray, is rated number one.
Enjoy Fiqri Maedo!
Plz be patient when the clip gets interrupted for a very short time.

Re: East Africa's best love songs .

Postby abel qael » 04 Mar 2009, 06:57

"Embebay" is not her top but a debut love song for the shy but very cute and highly
talented Alemnesh Dessie, who is one of Tigrigna music stars in Ethiopia today .
Before I post her best love song/s ,I will innvite you "Embebay" or " my flower" -- as I said which is her first /her debut song , and thus the oldest compared to her awesome later-day songs .
not bad to listen while relaxing in your couch.

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