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List of songs banned from Radio Ethiopia

Postby balambaras » 09 Dec 2008, 05:38

By arefe

Kumneger, a monthly Amharic magazine, today came up with a list of Amharic songs banned from Radio Ethiopia and F.M 97.1.According to the magazine, the list is displayed on the walls of Radio Ethiopia and F.M 97 studios and offices. Most of the songs are banned for their political nature, including four of Teddy Afro’s and two of them for their sexual nature. I have tried to give English rendition to some of them.

1. Teddy Afro -Jah Yasteseryal (Redemption) Chemin de Fer, Semiyelelew Afie, Kab Dahlack (from Dahlak, an island in the Red Sea, Eritrea)

2. Aster Awoke –Ayizoh (Take heart), Netsa Negn (I am free), Anid Adregen (Make us one.)

3. Gosaye Tesfaye -Lalibela

4. Moges Teka- Kutahan Abredew (Restrain thy anger)

5. Fikre Addis Neka Tibebe –Yam Yam

6. Bistat Seyoum -Basresagn (Would that you make me forget!)

7. Monica Sisay- Zim bileh shek shik

8. Ephrem Abebe- Tsom Adari (Those who go hungry)

9. Ye Gibts Hiwot Abay- Honkibgn yehuda (you have turned into Judah)

10. Simachew Kasa- Banch Maryam

11. Hibist Tiruneh- Yikerta (Sorry)

12. Kebede James- Ye Negestat Ager (Land of the kings), Modelist Temari, Min Yadergal Siltan (What is the good of power?)

13. Solomon Tekalegn –all songs except his Millennium single

(Though the magazine didn’t include it, I’ve heard that Gigi Shibabaw’s “Enen Yerabegn Fikir New [it is love that I am craving for] is also in the list.)

Re: List of songs banned from Radio Ethiopia

Postby Gelaw » 13 Dec 2008, 18:17

This tells you that Woyane's 17 years claim that "it is the first democratic government in Ethiopia who removed the snasur syetem" is completely false. My friend, they are liers and street gamblers who should not be trusted for a single word what they say.

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