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Lemma Megersa aka New TPLF donkey.

Postby tolaylemo » 11 Jan 2017, 16:47

You don't need to be smart to understand what TPLF is doing.
Lemma Megersa is new house [deleted], going around the country playing the same old tune. He is trying to save the sinking ship for his masters.
Why is spewing the same ancient and outdated hate speech? What has Amhara has to do with TPLF atrocities?
Qeerroo ask yourself who is killing you now? Who is taking your land now? Who is raping your mothers, sisters, and wives? Is it not TPLF and their-their Agaze solders? Who has just sent Liyu Police to kill innocent children in a various part of Oromia? Can Lemma visit his prostitute Tigray mother or visit his sibling in prison without permission? Can Lemma stop Liyu Police from attacking villagers? I think not! Qeerroo don't you think he has lost right to speak to Oromo people?

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