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Postby Azeb » 18 Dec 2007, 12:59

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Ideas to improve this forum

Postby elias » 06 Sep 2010, 17:10

To take the discussion that was started by Beles here viewtopic.php?f=2&t=21661 further, I am presenting the following ideas for discussion. The purpose is to experiment the starfish (decentralized organization) model on this forum.

1.Invite well-known individuals to serve as guest moderators for a week. The guest moderators will try to set the discussion agenda. We as a groups (forum members) decide who to invite.

2. Enable individual members to create their own forum of which they have administrative control.

3. Institute a rating/ranking system for posts and members.

4. Increase the number of moderators to 15.

5. Conduct interviews with various scholars, political/civic leaders/ artists, etc. Forum members can come up with proposals on who to interview and ask for others to contribute questions. The person who comes up with the proposal then submits the interview questions to the interviewee.

6. Do Top 10s, such at the Top 10 artists, scholars, music, film, etc.

7. Strictly enforce forum rule that every one agree upon.

8. Adopt a zero tolerance policy against ethnic slur, which is a poison against Ethiopiawinet.

9. Add Amharic typing capability to the forum. I have asked to help us with that and they said ok. I already added language translator (see above) that translate the forum to several other languages.

These are some of the ideas I picked up from the discussion at the other thread.

Re: Ideas to improve this forum

Postby YEBANDAMERZE » 06 Sep 2010, 17:25


I am happy to see that you are making a concerted effort to improve this forum. A while back ,I had boycotted this forum because it had become a place were people gather to sling ethnic insults at one another. Vulgar languages were also allowed without any warning by the moderators. This forum can compete with Ethiopian paltalk rooms as long as you are willing to clean up the forum and make it a stage of discussion for all Ethiopians regardless of their political orientation . Eritreans and woyannes should also be welcome as long as their agenda is not to spread ethnic hatred.

Inviting notable personalities to moderate this forum would also add a great value to the forum. One thing that will not change is that unless you are willing to enforce the forum rules religiously, all your efforts will be in vain.
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Re: Ideas to improve this forum

Postby Minelik » 06 Sep 2010, 19:25

Question for Elias,,, lately you start to give mere attention to this forum than before... why is that? Did you see this forum making impacts? I have seen you actively participating... you never did this back in the days .. its strange.. please explain the reason why you focus on this platform that your main page? :roll:

Re: Ideas to improve this forum

Postby elias » 06 Sep 2010, 19:51

Minilik, let's stay focused on the topic i posted.

Re: Ideas to improve this forum

Postby Erey » 06 Sep 2010, 20:53

Dear Elias before improving your web sight you should clean up the few unruly participants like abysinia & co. you gave him a free ride to sabotage this democratic site by littering it with repetitive nonsense.I don't believe in baning anybody but there should be some semblance of civilization.

Re: Ideas to improve this forum

Postby WOLKAYIT » 06 Sep 2010, 21:44


First and Foremost get rid of people that do not contribute to a positive environment of discussion. Belay, Minilik, and God know how many nics he has and his ilks are the main reason that people do not have some intelligent conversations anymore. I will bet you, Minilik will follow this with some crazy diatribe.


Before you invite some decent people into your house, you need to Clean your house first. That is common decency.


Re: Ideas to improve this forum

Postby revolutions » 07 Sep 2010, 05:20

If it is technically possible, I wish there is a [deleted] on top of the forum where users can click and access ER's front page to read the Headline News.

Re: Ideas to improve this forum

Postby Beles » 07 Sep 2010, 05:40

Of all the offers Elias made the most important one I think (as far as starfish concerned) is the ability to create a private forum. Any one who wants to use that facility would be well advised not to act or be an administrator if it is a starfish he/she wants to create. do experiment with this tool. think up some thing and cerate a private room and invite the people you trust.

One character that is hurting us a lot is reluctance. Not to be the first to speak, or accept invitation, or carry the placard. That thing is wasting a lot of time and energy that could be put to good use. If it is seems some thing you could be interested in do volunteer. Don't wait for others to join first. Don't think about being first or last. Just do it. you can always withdraw if you don't like it.

I would like to believe this is not just about removing woyane or winning against any body. This should be about creating an environment where every Ethiopian could contribute for the betterment of all. It is not against any body but for Ethiopians.

I will be creating a private room soon (when Elias makes it available) and will be inviting few people. Have some thing for you:-)

Re: Ideas to improve this forum

Postby YEBANDAMERZE » 07 Sep 2010, 05:51


by the way you need to rephrase #7. It is a difficult if not an impossible task to come up with rules that everyone agrees on. If possible, also allow pictures with dimension more than 800 pxl to be posted.

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