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The Heroic Dawro People - You Must Know Their Character

Postby Kara » 18 Oct 2013, 23:54

Listen to ESAT Radio Oct. 18. Woyane is learning about the Dawro People. Here is the little I know about them. These are people we knew as DJandjero (not zanjero or janjero). Actually, their name means 'Land of the Great God (Jan Yero). Yero is still used one of names of God just as we Igziabhare. The people are known as Yem. They are one of the ancient people's of the Damot Kingdom (empire). They have been Orthodox Christians since St. Tekle Hayimanot in 1330. The people of Janyero (Dawro) and Inariya were famous Christian Kingdoms.

What is most significant about Dawro is their fight with Gragn Mohammed. As you well know his army has not lost many battles. He was defeated by Ameya Qestegn warriors at Badeqie (Mojo) river. But he NEVER defeated the Dawro (Janyero) defenders. They had famous fortress style of fighting build from thorny Girar.

This same Character of this heroic people is being observed 500 years later. Dawro - one of my most favorite peoples of Ethiopia.

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