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Postby Obamajr. » 20 Aug 2010, 06:16

Talking Dog

A guy and a dog walk into a bar. The guy is bragging to everyone that his dog can talk . The bartender calls him over and says, "So your dog can talk, huh?"

The guy says yes. Then the bar tender says, "So, if I gave your dog a dollar he would go out and buy me a newspaper?" The guy says yes, gives the dog a dollar and sends him out.

Three hours later the dog hasn't come back yet, so the owner and the bartender go looking for him. A block from the bar, they look down an alley and see the dog humping a female dog. The guy yells, "Wow, I've never seen you do that before!"

The dog says, :lol: "Well I've never had money before."

Ethiopian best stand up comedy - መራቂዉ


Abdi Nuressa OROMO/ OROMIA"

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