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Joke of the Day

Postby Somaliman » 20 Sep 2008, 00:51

Robert Mugabe was attending an AU conference held in Addis. And as the ritual practice was, delegates were toured in and around the capital of the host country, and Addis was the host capital for this season. A shinny day, Mugabe was offered by Zenawi to make a cordial tour in a limousine car with him in Addis. During the tour, Mugabe who couldn`t believe his eyes about the phenomenal number of people being urinating in the streets of Addis, furiously exclaimed!
“Meles, look at that, what is wrong with you Ethiopians, why do you have to urinate in the streets!”
Zenawi: “That is an African issue that we all need to address”.
Mugabe: “This is typically Ethiopian, you will never see people urinating in the streets in other countries, come to Zimbabwe”. And Zenawi was invited to come to visit Zimbabwe.

A year later, Zenawi was on a visit in Zimbabwe and touring in a car in Harare with Mugabe.

Mugabe: Pointing at commercial buildings lining up all along the street, “That is what the British call ‘Victorian heritage’, we have been inviting them to come and take that rubbish out of here and let our people farm, but they are busy with their [deleted]!”
Zenawi: who was not really listening and excitingly busy on how to prove that there are people also in Zimbabwe who urinate in the streets, miraculously spotted a man urinating at a corner of the street, pounced up and shouted, “Look at that!”
Mugabe: “LOOOL, that is Mengistu with diplomatic immunity.”

Haben Sie ein nettes Wochenende.....

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