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Menelik Thank you!! Weyane supporter angry at "Eritrean Opposition"

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Menelik Thank you!! Weyane supporter angry at "Eritrean Opposition"

Post by amantu » 29 Apr 2012, 23:50


The recently unfounded claims by the so called "Eritrean opposition/s" and the counter claim of HGDF has proved one starkly different reality: the inexistence of real "Opposition" within the Eritrean political peripheries and the complete ability of PIA in controlling and scheming Eritrean socio-politics.

While we know Isaias is astute in the things he does, not democratically elected and he never claimed he has ever been, and exploits every opportunity to his benefit as all politicians do, what happened this week proves his mastery who is in charge. PIA not only know the Eritrean political culture/chemistry, when and how to press the right [deleted] but also his creativity in giving the so called "oppositions" a well versed talking line and decimate it in style and grace. While the oppositions have been disseminating all sorts of crazy allegations and making nonstop boisterous noises in celebrating the "death" of the leader for many days, PIA has able to simply shush them by a 30 minute TV appearance.

The fact they had NO clue the where about of the head of state for over a month and their temerity to make such a bold claim is laughable. It proves that they have NO inside knowledge or even a midlevel technocrat member let alone near HGDF hierarchy. How on earth is that possible for a political institution that claims to have a grass root support within the country to fail to know the president is alive for over a month? Though I vehemently disagree with the policies of PIA, the embarrassing behavior of the so called "oppositions" and the grace of PIA in handling the unfolded events make me accept and admire His Excellency Wedi Embetey Medhin Berad. This name of PIA is emanated out of affinity and respect and anyone who considers it as offense should screw her/himself.

I have difficulty to call those disgruntled old-timers "oppositions" because they cannot prove a thing to deserve that title. They are novice losers with NO shared time fitting political objective and practical strategies. All they do is marauding nonsense here and there lambasting PIA with all types of invented accusations. The fact they wished death without due process to the living and became euphoric in celebrating the end of life in the open proves that they have nothing to show on the serious matters dear to the people. It is fair to say there are NO real "Eritrean oppositions" and the ones that are claiming to be are wishy-washy oldies, detached from realities and enamored with the old struggle.

There is nothing to suggest if the oppositions are propelled to office they can be any better than Wedi Embeitey Medhin Berad or PIA. Hence, the Ethiopian government should consider change of policy by initiating trust with PIA. The Badme or Assab issues are not major hurdles to prevent direct talk between the two governments. The beginning is therefore for EPRDF to give convenient and honorable political passage!
Shewit Gual [deleted]